A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1002

“Mr. Chu is young, but I look at his energy and blood, and he is definitely not an ordinary person.”
“Whether this boxing match can take a turn for the better, perhaps it all depends on this person.”
“Maybe, he is the one who can turn the tide.” The old man said in a deep voice and whispered.
But Lu Wan’er was stunned, and looked at the thin man on the ring with all his eyes questioning: “Return the tide?”
“Just him?”
“Grandpa, your evaluation, I’m afraid it’s not over, right?”
For a young person of the same age as her, Lu Wan’er, who has always been arrogant and arrogant, would naturally not believe that Ye Fan would be better than herself?
The cold wind is bitter and the water waves are rippling.
Above the ring, two figures stood looking at each other like this!
One of them has a thin body, just standing upright with a spear!
The other person is vigorous and heavy as a mountain!
“Are you that Mr. Chu?”
“Let the Xue family lean as a backer and take away the daughter of the Xu family, dare to use one person to fight against the Jiangdong boy of the big Yanjing family?”
“You are so courageous when you are young?”
Finally, Hua Yinglong took the lead in breaking the silence.
He coldly looked at the thin man in front of him, Ye Fan’s youngness undoubtedly surprised him.
At this age, he climbed into Jiangdong and became a hero.
Even in that Chu family, it was good enough.
Ye Fan smiled faintly: “Mr. Hua is too famous.”
“No matter how bold I am, I can’t be half as good as Mr. Hua.”
“What I am fighting against is only the Xu family.”
“And you, it is the entire Yanjing powerful and powerful!”
“Compared with you, what I have done is not insignificant?”
“Since you know that you are inferior to me, why don’t you kneel down and beg for death?” Hua Yinglong stood with his hands in his hands, and shouted in a deep voice, “As long as you break your arms and kneel down to apologize to the Xu family. At the same time send back to the Xu family daughter, read For your ignorance, I can spare you not to die!”
“Spare me for not dying?” Ye Fan shook his head, but laughed in a low voice.
“Huh? Brat, what’s so funny?” Hua Yinglong was even more unhappy.
Ye Fan said lightly: “Before, you let me fight, I thought you knew my identity.”
“But now it seems that I overestimated you.”
“Until now, you still don’t know, who is standing in front of you?”
“Huh?” Hua Yinglong also laughed, listening to Ye Fan’s words, as if he heard Tianda’s jokes, “As far as you are concerned, the Xu family has already checked you up, I don’t know. ?”
“Aren’t you just a shameless bastard, a local snake that dominates the secular world of Jiangdong?”
“With this confidence, you dare to pretend to be forceful at me?”
“court death!”
Hua Yinglong no longer has patience.
The moment the words fell, a whip kick was suddenly thrown out!
Hua Yinglong’s stepping on the sky is so fast that he roars with sound waves.
What the target pointed to was Ye Fan’s head!
Ye Fan didn’t panic, his body moved slightly.
Hua Yinglong’s foot dang even stepped into the empty place.
With a bang, he stepped on the ground.
The cruise ship trembled, and the boxing ring was hit out of a huge pit!
“I have some ability to escape my leg skills?”
“However, if you can dodge a blow from me, can you still dodge me with ten tricks?”
Hua Yinglong smiled sensibly, his long legs turned into a sweep.
Sweep the hall with one blow and hit Ye Fan’s bottom plate!

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