A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1006

There are more than tens of thousands of people in the Chu Family of Nuo Da, and only the Chu Family Patriarch is a descendant of the celestial family, can they practice.
Therefore, even Chu Qitian, the leader of the new generation of the Chu family, does not have the qualifications to read this book and practice such secret techniques.
But how did he make the person in front of him come out?
With full of doubt and unwillingness, Hua Yinglong endured the endless pain and stood up stubbornly.
The bloody eyes looked at Ye Fan, and the sad voice was like the sound of crushed stones.
“I…I Hua Yinglong, I know that today, I will definitely die~”
“Fell… I have no regrets when I fall under Yundao Tianjue.”
“But…but before I die, I…I just want to know, who on earth are you…you?”
As the so-called horse is about to die, his Ming is also sad.
People are about to die, and their words are good!
At the end of his life, Hua Yinglong just wanted to know, who was this man who could use the Chu Family’s Supreme Divine Art?
The cold wind rolled up three thousand fallen leaves.
On the ring, Ye Fan’s forehead hair flew.
He was condescending, he stood with his hands, and he sneered.
“Ten years ago, I was the son of Chu family, the only descendant of the Tianzi generation…”
“The name given by the ancestors, Chu! Heaven! Fan!”
Like a thunderstorm.
When he heard the word “Heaven”, Hua Yinglong only felt like a nuclear explosion exploded in his heart.
In my mind, there was a buzzing, and a pair of old eyes were also huge.
“You…you are the sky…the sky generation?”
No one can appreciate the despair and shock in Hua Yinglong’s heart at this moment.
He has served in the Chu family for decades. What does the Tianzi generation represent, others don’t know, but he knows!
In the Chu family, the names of descendants are all given by their parents or grandfathers.
However, no one in the Chu family is qualified to assign the character “Tian” to their descendants.
Because this “天” character can only be given by the ancestors of the Chu family.
Except for the ancestors of the Chu family, no one of the Chu clan is allowed to overstep and set the “tian” character for future generations.
Even the old man of the Chu family today does not have this qualification!
This is why Chu Qitian was so favored in the Chu family, but he only dared to call it “Qi Tian” and not “Tian Qi”.
Because Chu Qitian was not recognized by the ancestors of the Chu family back then, naturally he could not be the “天” character.
Therefore, until now, Ye Fan is still the only descendant of the “Tian” character in the Chu family!
“I should have thought of it long ago~”
“Only people of the Tianzi generation can practice this Yundao Tianju~”
Hua Yinglong wept sadly, crying up to the sky.
Being a slave in the Chu family, Hua Yinglong didn’t expect that, but in the end he fell into the hands of the descendants of the Chu family.
But Ye Fan had no time to waste with him.
“Now that you know a39a445e, the dragon master will send you on the road!”
“To blame, you blame you for acknowledging the wrong person and acting the wrong person.”
The indifferent voice is like the sentence of death.
Ye Fan had no mercy, clenched his fists, and then, with a heavy fist, slammed out!
“Clouds are broken, landslides!”
A thunder blasted.
With this fist, Ye Fan would only burst Taishan if the thunder exploded.
With unmatched power, with the power to dominate the world, smashed down!
At that moment, Lu Wan’er in the audience was completely stunned.
Her beautiful eyes shrank, her mind trembled, and waves swept across her chest.
“Grandpa is right!”
“This man is like a peerless swordsman.”
“If you don’t draw the sword, you can draw the sword~”
“Stone Po, the sky is shocking!!”
Ye Fan’s punch finally fell.
That loud noise not only shook the entire boxing field, but also sensationalized the entire Yanjing! !

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