A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1011

On Yanqi Lake, Ye Fan’s words flowed.
But Xu Lei was panicked instantly.
The delicate body was trembling, and those beautiful eyes were filled with endless splendor and touch.
She never thought that all of what Ye Fan did was for her?
He has no intention of being king, just wants her to be king?
At the moment when she heard this, Xu Lei almost burst into tears.
Ten years later, the man who promised her a prosperous life, finally fulfilled his promise.
Today, I gave her the whole world!
In this way, Xu Lei smiled in the eyes of everyone’s envy and panic, with a sly smile, walking lightly, growing lotus step by step, and standing together with Ye Fan, the highest in Yanjing Place!
“After today, Xu Lei will be Queen Yanjing!”
“Everyone here, who is not convinced?”
On the ring, Ye Fan stood proudly.
The majestic gaze scans the Quartet.
That surging power, only if the torrent swept.
Under Ye Fan’s dominance, Nuo Da’s boxing field was silent, and no one dared to speak!
It was not until a long time later that everyone came back to their senses, and they all bowed to the Prime Minister and sang, “My Xue family~”
“Su Family~”
“East City Li’s House~”
“All wish to respect, Miss Xu Lei, the Queen of Yanjing!”
One after another, the sound is like a torrent swept across.
Looking at the men and women who were worshipped by countless bigwigs, Xu Fengliang was already sluggish.
He was stunned in place, but he was filled with endless loss and emotion.
Before, outside of the cruise ship, Ye Fan said bluntly that it would not take thirty years, as long as Xiaolei was willing, let her be on top of Yanjing tonight!
Originally, Xu Fengliang thought that what Ye Fan said was nothing but a young and frivolous.
But now, he was wrong.
After all, he underestimated the man.
“I found such a beloved person, my second uncle, bless you, and congratulate you!”
Xu Fenglang shook his head and said.
In that weak tone, there was loss, sadness, and even more helplessness.
The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward.
Xu Fengliang knew very well that at the moment Ye Fan pushed Xu Lei to the top of Yanjing, he, the Patriarch of the Xu family, should also withdraw.
“This this…”
“This is real?”
When Xu Fengliang was full of disappointment, those students of Xu Lei in the audience were even more shocked.
Guo Yawen was even more confused.
She couldn’t believe this scene at all.
A small clerk in a small third-tier town has transformed into the Queen of Yanjing?
Standing on the top of power, let countless powerful and powerful people worship?
“Xiao Lei, I originally thought that you met someone who was not good enough, and found a useless person who did nothing. I think Ye Fan is not worthy of you.”
“It seems that I was wrong, we were all wrong.”
“Big mistake!”
“I thought that Ye Fan was a worm, but it turned out that you were after a real dragon.”
“Xiao Lei, congratulations, I found my happiness~”
Meng Han laughed at himself, but there was an inexplicable crystal clear in the corner of his eyes.
She looked from a distance at the girl in the middle of the ring, who has a peerless voice.
The emotions in my heart are extremely complicated.
There is envy, jealousy, loss, and comfort.
Human nature is like this. I am afraid that my close friends will have a bad life, but they are also afraid that they will live better than themselves.
Just like Xu Lei now, a few hours ago, they sympathized with Xu Lei and felt worthless for Xu Lei.
But now, the old classmates who shared the dormitory back then are afraid that they will not be able to climb high in the future.

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