A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1014

Among these people, Xu Meifeng also knew Zhao Si.
Immediately greeted him and asked: “Uncle Zhao, are they my father behind?”
However, as soon as Xu Meifeng had asked this question, Zhao Si and the others didn’t understand them, and pushed Xu Meifeng aside.
At that time, Xu Meifeng was dumbfounded, and immediately furious!
“Laosi Zhao, do you dare to push me?”
“I declare, you are done!”
“I am the daughter of Xu Fengliang and the daughter of Xu Fengliang.”
“Wait tonight, when Mr. Hua is on top, I am Princess Yanjing.”
“You little Zhao family, dare to be disrespectful to me?”
“I let you…”
Xu Meifeng shouted angrily with red eyes.
She is going crazy!
She is b30e3bc7 who is about to become Princess Yanjing’s woman, this sordid Zhao Si dare to push her?
However, when Xu Meifeng was still roaring angrily, Wei Lin, who walked up behind, also pushed Xu Meifeng away.
Xu Meifeng wants to curse again.
Third, fourth~
All the rich and powerful in front of them, as if they hadn’t seen Xu Meifeng, they all pushed her aside.
When Xue Mingxin was furious, he slapped Xu Meifeng’s face directly.
“Things that are an eyesore, don’t you get out?”
“What’s in the way here!”
Xu Meifeng was beaten up at that time.
The whole person was lying on the ground, covering his face and watching the scene in disbelief.
This is completely different from what she imagined.
She thought that she was the daughter of Xu Fengliang, the daughter of Xu Fengliang, and these people would treat her with respect and respect.
But who would have thought that these people’s attitudes towards her would be worse than one.
The Xue family, dare to beat her?
“Son of a bitch!”
“Xue Mingxin, you bastard, you dare to hit me?”
“You wait.”
“I want to tell my father, I want to tell Mr. Hua!”
“I’m Xu Fengliang’s daughter. If your Xue family dare to offend me, Erdangwan will die!”
Xu Meifeng roared viciously, and then with a heart full of anger and grievance, she looked around and searched for it, delusional to find her father’s figure.
However, Xu Meifeng searched for a long time, but couldn’t find it, and finally discovered Xu Lei and Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan?”
“You terrapin, how are you!”
“Why are you still not dead?”
“Dare to come here?”
“You are so brave!”
“And you, Xu Lei, you a shameless impediment, do you still have a face to appear?”
Xu Meifeng cursed angrily.
Xu Fengfei and everyone in the Xu family looked at Xu Lei with dissatisfaction and contempt.
One after another verbal criticism.
Xu Fengfei even said angrily: “Xiao Lei, thinking that you are the only daughter of your elder brother, I knelt down to admit a mistake to the Xu family, and I will let you attend today’s dinner.”
But Ye Fan smiled as he listened: “Joke!”
“This king feast was originally for me and Xiao Lei.”
“What qualifications do you have to not let me wait for the banquet?”
“Damn, you idiot!” Xu Meifeng suddenly shouted as she listened.
“Or held for you?”
“You guys are a shit!”
“Those who are acquainted, get out.”
“Otherwise, when my father and Mr. Hua arrive, my Xu family will let you die without a burial place!”
Xu Meifeng roared angrily.
But Ye Fan ignored it, with a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth, and then, with Xu Lei, stepped on the new red carpet towards the Golden Dragon Hotel.
Ahead, Xue Renyang and others, who had already stood respectfully on both sides, paid their respects one after another.
“Welcome, Mr. Chu, Miss Xu, a feast for the king of Dengfeng!”

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