A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1019

With the end of the feast of kings, this highly anticipated Yanjing boxing match will undoubtedly come to an end.
However, although the boxing match has ended, the storm it has set off throughout the city of Yanjing has undoubtedly just begun.
That night, in Yanjing City, many of the power leaders who did not participate in today’s boxing match received news one after another.

“what did you say?”
“This boxing match, the last laugh is not the Xu family, nor the Lin and Zhao families, but the unknown junior?”
“The Lin family was destroyed and the Xu family changed hands. A junior surnamed Chu, but became famous in one battle and won the top of Yanjing?”
“Lin Feng is dead?”
“The Xu family is defeated?”
“Then Chu surnamed junior, became King of Yanjing?”
“With two punches and one kick, the Xu family was blown up, the Lin family was destroyed, and Yanjing became the roost!”
“Mr. Chu became the King of Yanjing?”
“What Mr. Chu?”
“Could it be the stunned kid who kidnapped the second Miss Xu family for the sake of the Xu family?”
“He became the king of Yanjing?”
“Second Miss Xu Family, has become the queen of Yanjing?”
In just one night, the Yanqi Lake boxing match was frantically fermented throughout Yanjing City.
Like a gust of wind, it swept the ancient capital of a thousand years!
Large to a century-old wealthy, military and political family. Almost all of the four-rate powers, one billion groups, are shaking.
The name of Mr. Chu spread throughout Yanjing City almost overnight.
After all, the Yanqi Lake Boxing Tournament is related to Yanjing’s future power structure. From the beginning, it has attracted attention from all sides.
Not only the Yenching forces, but even the nearby Jinmen, almost all have the attention of the powerful families.
Before that, everyone thought that this boxing match would be a confrontation between a business upstart and Yanjing giants, but who would have thought that the last laugh would be a little-known person.
“Hey, have you heard?”
“Yen Jing will change the sky in the future.”
“In the past, the heroes stood side by side, but now Yenching respects one person!”
“That’s Mr. Chu.”
“It is said that Mr. Chu is still a young man in his early twenties.”
“Yanqi Lake boxing match, two punches and one kick, directly blast an Oriental Ninja.”
“Turn the tide and fall, and help the building will fall!”
“Don’t be black and white, dominate Yanjing, and become famous in one battle!”
“Lin Feng was killed on the spot, Zhao Si knelt down and begged for mercy.”
“The Lin family was destroyed, the Zhao family bowed their heads, and the Xu family changed hands.”
“The entire Yanjing City, almost because of this, turned upside down!”
“The Xu family changed hands?”
“Yenching changed to heaven?”
“All the powers respect the younger generation?”
“Shall I go to Nima?”
“Is there really such a powerful person in the world?”
“Don’t dare to write novels like this?”
Streets and alleys, pubs and teahouses, similar conversations appear almost everywhere in Yanjing.
Although, at the feast of the king, Ye Fan stated that he would not be the king and only let Xu Lei be the queen of the secular world of Yanjing.
However, anyone with a discerning eye can see that although Xu Lei is the master of Yanjing, Ye Fan will be the real master of Yanjing in the future.
After all, Ye Fan’s prestige was punched out with his fists, and Ye Fan was even more convinced by the rich and powerful.
“In the eyes of everyone, Brother Xiaofan, you are Yanjing’s heaven.”
“Xiao Lei is just your marionette.”
On the phone, Xu Lei’s soft and smiling words came.
“Why, Xiao Lei, those old foxes, do they not listen to you?”
“You are the master of the Yanjing I established. Whoever refuses to accept it, tell me that I will let him kneel in front of your Xu family tonight.”

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