A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1022

“How did you know?”
“Xiaotian said, Mr. Chu’s name is only known by people in Yanjing’s top circles.”
“You know, why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Li Yuan was suddenly surprised. She originally wanted to tell her father about Mr. Chu’s deeds, but Li Lubin didn’t expect Li Lubin to know.
“What can I say about this.”
“It’s not that you don’t know each other.”
“Isn’t that the one who came with Xiaohong that day?” Li Lubin replied calmly, making a fuss.
At the Wolong Hotel before, Ye Fan made the Xue family bow to the ground.
At that time, Li Lubin was very regretful, thinking that he had delayed his daughter’s happiness and missed a real dragon.
But then the Xue family was weak, and Li Lubin was fortunate that he was about to fall.
Fortunately, they had cleared their relationship with Ye Fan at that time, otherwise the Xue family would fall, and after Ye Fan was arrested, they might be implicated.
Obviously, in Li Lubin’s view, Ye Fan and the Xue family were in the same boat.
The Xue family is about to fall, and Ye Fan’s situation will not be much better.
“Puff whistle~”
However, as soon as Li Lubin finished speaking, Li Yuan sprayed out a mouthful of rice.
“You said that hillbilly, is it Mr. Chu?”
“Dad, are you going to laugh at me?”
“That country dick, and Mr. Chu, one world, one underground, can’t be compared at all!”
Li Lubin heard a look of doubt: “Don’t you mean Xiaohong’s fellow?”
“of course not!”
“That stinky cock, how can I be qualified to mention it?” Li Yuan scolded with disdain.
Her impression of Ye Fan was undoubtedly the scene where Ye Fan presented the rusty tripod at Xu’s birthday party.
Although later learned that the Rust Ding was worth several hundred million, Li Yuan was upset for several days.
But that’s it!
She only thinks that Ye Fan got lucky and picked up a treasure of 70a8fe8b.
In her eyes, Ye Fan is still the same country as Li Xiaohong.
As for the Wolong Hotel, Li Lubin didn’t say that their mother and daughter were naturally ignorant.
“Then who are you talking about?” Li Lubin continued to ask.
“I’m talking about the current King Yanjing, Mr. Chu!”
“King Yanjing?” Li Lubin’s mouth opened wide in shock, and the rice in his mouth fell off.
“Yes indeed.”
“You do not know?”
“I heard Xiaotian say that Mr. Chu is amazing. Both Lin and Zhao were stepped on by him.”
“Yenching countless rich and powerful people all respect him as their master.”
“He is now, but the god of Yanjing secular world.” Li Yuan exclaimed.
“I’m going, really?”
“This Mr. Chu is so powerful!”
“Who is this, have you met?”
“What does it look like?”
“Where do you live?”
“If there is a chance, we have to visit and send some gifts to congratulate him.” Li Lubin has been in business for so many years, and some people are undoubtedly very sophisticated.
Now that the new king is enthroned, although their Li family has a small business, they can no doubt bring more loyalty gifts to them.
“I don’t know about this, I know that people call him Mr. Chu~”
Li Yuan shook her head and said, but as soon as her words fell, Li Xiaohong, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly became excited.
Her pretty face flushed with excitement and joy in her beautiful eyes.
“Dad, I know.”
“It must be him, it must be him, it must be Mr. Chu!”

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