A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1023

“Are you sick?”
“Also, you know, you are a hillbilly, do you know a fart?”
“You don’t really think that Mr. Chu, who dominates Yanjing now, is your little lover?”
“He’s a poor dick, but also Mr. Chu, is he worthy?”
“It’s an idiot!”
When her own words were suddenly interrupted, Li Yuan was undoubtedly extremely unhappy, cursing Li Xiaohong with disgust on her face.
“Okay, Yuanyuan.”
“A country girl, what did you know about her?”
“By the way, the time between you and Xiaotian isn’t too short, right? Where are you now?”
“When will you bring it over, let us see you.”
Li Yuan’s mother, Sun Liping, also glared at Li Xiaohong like an idiot, but did not scold him any more, but instead asked about Li Yuan.
“Mom, Dad, I was just about to tell you.”
“Xiaotian said, I will invite our family to dinner tonight.” Li Yuan then smiled.
“Are you willing to let us see your little brother?”
“But you two have been in love for so long, so it’s time to meet with both parents.”
“If you can, the marriage will be settled quickly.”
“Xiaotian’s family situation is very good, even if it can’t be compared with the upstarts of Yanjing, he is undoubtedly richer than us.”
“This kind of son-in-law, since he has caught his hand, he must not let go.” Sun Liping said anxiously.
Li Lubin shook his head and smiled, “Don’t worry about marriage events.”
“But it’s time to meet.”
“Did you discuss it?”
“When and where to set the position.”
“We should prepare in advance, and the evening will pass, and let Xiaotian pick us up if we save it.”
“This hotel for dinner has not been confirmed yet. My Xiaotian said that he will give us the exact news in the afternoon.” Li Yuan replied.
Da Da~
At this time, there was a sharp sound of footsteps outside Li’s house.
I saw an exquisite woman wearing a small black suit, her high heels knocking on the ground, and gently clicked the door of Li’s house.
“Excuse me, is Miss Li here?”
“You are?” The sudden appearance of the woman made Li Lubin’s family stunned.
“Hello, I am the staff of Yanjing “Hua Xia Zun”.”
“Tonight, a gentleman is Miss Li, and he will set a banquet at the highest point of Hua Xia Zun.”
“This is an invitation.”
“At seven o’clock tonight, I hope Miss Li can go to the banquet on time!”
“If there are no problems, I will go back first.”
The woman in the suit, after putting down the invitation, soon left.
In the room, Li Lubin’s family was silent for a long time because of the tremor.
“Or at the highest point of Huaxia Zun?”
“The staff personally sent the invitation?”
“I’m going, Yuanyuan, are you so young brother?”
Finally, Li Lubin shouted out excitedly.
Of course, Li Yuan’s mother, Sun Liping, was even more excited.
“Yeah, Yuanyuan.”
“That’s Hua Xia Zun!”
“Yenching’s highest point.”
“Being able to have a banquet there is not only a change of luxury, but also a symbol of power and status!”
“Your mother has never been able to eat at the highest point of Huaxia Zun in my entire life.”
“No, don’t talk about me. Even the Xue family and Lin family upstarts from Yanjing are definitely not qualified to stand at the highest point of Yanjing for dinner.”
“Unexpectedly, this time in the light of my daughter, I will be able to ascend Huaxia Zun and stand tall, overlooking Yanjing City?”

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