A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1028

Seeing Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong sitting on the top of Huaxia Zun, Li Yuan’s eyes were red and hysterical, and her heart was filled with endless jealousy and anger.
Sun Liping also stared at her eyes in disbelief.
The two of them couldn’t figure out why it was such a scene when the mother-in-law met her son-in-law’s dinner party?
Li Yuan’s mother and daughter’s angry roars were heard, only Li Lubin’s face was pale, with no joy or sorrow, and a thousand emotions swept through his heart.
In fact, Li Lubin realized something at the first sight of Ye Fan.
Could it be that everything is as my daughter thought.
Now, Mr. Chu, who dominates Yanjing, is this thin man from Jiangdong?
“Mr. Chu, it’s really you?”
“I thought you would never want to see me after the Wolong Hotel last time.”
Li Yuan and the others’ angry roars were heard, but Ye Fan and the others turned a deaf ear.
He smiled and let Li Xiaohong take the seat, and sat at the highest point of Yanjing, accompanied him to watch the prosperity of Yanjing.
However, Li Xiaohong’s pretty face was drooping, not knowing whether it was because of nervousness or shame, her tender body shrank there, and she didn’t even have the courage to look directly at Ye Fan.
The timid voice was full of fear and apology.
My father did too much about the Wolong Hotel last time.
This matter has undoubtedly made Li Xiaohong have always been brooding.
“Xiaohong, you are you and others are others.”
“I will not change my attitude towards you just because others offend me.”
“You are a very good girl. It is an honor for Ye Fan to have the honor to meet your friend.”
“I said before that I would invite you to dinner before leaving.”
“Naturally will not break his promise.”
“Yenjing is up, I will leave tomorrow.”
“This banquet should be my farewell banquet to you.”
While speaking, Ye Fan raised his glass immediately.
He was holding red wine and competing with the delicate and beautiful woman in front of him.
“Xiaohong, I would like to use this wine to respect your kindness and your innocence.”
“I didn’t wear the sword properly, I turned around already.”
“May Qianfan be exhausted, and you will return as a teenager!”
In the crisp sound of collision, Ye Fan raised his head, the turbid wine in his glass, and he drank it all at once.
Ye Fan has met many people and experienced many things in his life.
However, Li Xiaohong’s filial piety and kindness left a lot of impression on Ye Fan.
Now that he is about to leave, Ye Fan naturally hopes to rely on his identity to do what he can for Li Xiaohong.
“I know.”
“Mixed in!”
“This hillbilly must have come in.”
“Yes, it must be so.”
“It should be my husband who is sitting here.”
“This country dick, he is not qualified to be here for the rest of his life.”
“It must be that he sneaked in while the security was not paying attention.”
“This pair of dogs and men are really shameless. They robbed me and my husband?”
“What about the security guard, what did the security guard do to eat, and not drive them away?”
Li Yuan thought for a long time, and finally found a reasonable reason, and suddenly shouted angrily.
Tonight, it was her glory, but it was snatched by Li Xiaohong, a bitch from the country. Now Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong are in front of them, drinking in their comfort, and Li Yuan is naturally angry and jealous. Crazy.
At this time, the elevator door opened again.
I saw a middle-aged man walking in holding a vase.
After looking around and finally confirming Ye Fan, he immediately walked up and fell to worship.
“Learning that Mr. Chu is on the top of Yanjing, I, Liu Zhengfeng, represent the Yuliu Group, to congratulate him.”
“Send a Yuan Qinghua, Mr. Chu, please accept it!”

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