A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1029

The boss of Yuliu Group, Liu Zhengfeng?
“Let me go, Dad, isn’t this Yuliu Group a listed company?”
“Liu Zhengfeng is worth a few hundred million.”
“Is he crazy?”
“What congratulations does he give these two turtles?”
Li Yuan’s mother and daughter were shocked, their eyes widened.
And the gift is still such an exquisite blue and white blue and white, it would cost millions if not to mention?
Li Yuan was jealous and her eyes were red.
However, what makes Li Yuan’s family tremble is still behind.
Facing Liu Zhengfeng‚Äôs gift, Ye Fan shook his head and chuckled, “Yuan Qinghua?”
“It’s just a vase, what do I want him to do?”
“This…this…” At that time, Li Yuan’s mother and daughter twitched fiercely.
That’s it?
Why do you want him?
Should I go to Nima? !
Has this been pretended?
The elevator door opened, and two or three people walked in again, facing Ye Fan, they also fell down and bowed.
“The president of Shengshi Entertainment Group, Niu Zhenluo, came to congratulate Mr. Chu with his family!”
“Congratulations, Mr. Chu, for reaching the top and standing tall.”
“A box of gold bars is disrespectful, Mr. Chu, please accept it!”
Hearing a bang, the box in front of him opened immediately.
The gleaming golden light inside almost blinded the eyes of Li Yuan’s mother and daughter.
Shengshi Entertainment?
Is there a 100 billion group?
Return a box of gold bars!
What is going on today?
Li Yuan’s family had already looked at it aside.
Looking at the full box of gold bars, Li Yuan and Sun Liping were almost burning with jealousy.
Had it not been for Li Lubin, the mother and daughter would have ran up and snatched them in the morning.
“Shengshi Entertainment?”
“Feng Lin’s branch of the Lin family, did you have one of the shares of the Xue family that you sold before?”
“Have a face to congratulate?”
“Come on, throw it out for me!”
Ye Fan kicked the box full of gold bars out.
Second Austria!
The violent thing~
Li Yuan and the others scolded in their hearts and felt so angry.
With the arrival of the two heads of Shengshi Entertainment and Liuyu Group, it is not known who leaked and disappeared. Many group leaders and company bosses in Yanjing City actually brought gravity to worship.
Of course, most of these groups are companies that participated in Lin and Zhao before suppressing the Xuejia Longyang Group.
Before they dared to offend Lin and Zhao Lin’s family, they all fell into trouble with the Xue family.
Now that the Lin family has been destroyed, the Zhao family bowed their heads, and Ye Fan became famous and climbed to the top of Yanjing.
As Ye Fan 92d82b15’s confidant, Xue family is undoubtedly a general figure in the city of Yanjing today.
Seeing the Xue family gaining power again, these wall grasses naturally turned down and worshiped.
But how could Ye Fan give them a good face.
“The CEO of Yinluo Group, present a pair of ancient paintings!”
“Let him go!”
“Mengli Heavy Industry CEO, dedicated a dancer!”
“Why do I want this?”

“…The president of the group presented a luxury car!”
“throw it out!”

“The female president of Dingsheng Group presents a Qin Dynasty jade hairpin.”
“It’s kind of useful~”

One boss after another came to congratulate him, but one group director after another was kicked out by Ye Fan.
Ye Fan didn’t have a good impression of them from the beginning.
Now that he came to disturb his dinner party again, Ye Fan naturally felt even worse.
However, when seeing these bosses cowering in front of Ye Fan with respectful eyes, and finally being kicked out unceremoniously by Ye Fan but not dare to put a fart, Li Yuan’s family has undoubtedly looked at idiots.
The eyes almost stared out.

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