A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1037

“Since on Yanqi Lake, you, the Dragon Lord, showed great power and turned the tide. All the forces in Yanjing have come to congratulate you.”
“It can be said that the land of Yanjing is now under the banner of Dragon Lord!”
In the hotel, Ye Fan has hung up the phone.
At this time, Xue Renyang was reporting to Ye Fan the power pattern of Yanjing now.
After the boxing match, the Lin family was destroyed and the Zhao family bowed. Among the three nobles, the Xue family dominated.
As for the Xu family, the head of the family, Xu Fengliang, has abdicated, and Xu Lei’s 100-year legacy has been put in charge.
Ye Fan’s arrival can be said to have turned the whole Yanjing upside down!
“Now in the land of Yanjing, there is only one voice left, and that is the voice of the Dragon Lord!”
Xue Renyang looked excited, and his tone was full of respect.
Ye Fan listened, shook his head and smiled, took a sip from his teacup, and said, “Long Yang, don’t you think you are too optimistic?”
“Yenching is the capital of China. Do you really think that in just one boxing match, the entire Yenching secular world can take my hands?”
“Huh?” Xue Renyang was taken aback, “Dragon Lord, isn’t it?”
“Before the feast of the king, the powers and dignitaries surrendered!”
“At the top of Huaxia Zun tonight, all the rich and powerful will come to worship.”
“Obviously, everyone has acquiesced, are you the master of Yanjing?”
Ye Fan chuckled, “Yanjing is not Jiangdong. If it were so simple, how could I arrange for a dragon king to sit here?”
“This…” Xue Renyang was startled secretly, his old eyes shrunk, and then he looked at Ye Fan, “Lord Dragon, do you mean that the land of Yanjing has a crisis implications?”
“It can’t be said to be a crisis, it can only be said to be a powerful opponent that needs to be guarded.”
“Don’t forget, Yanjing has four giants.”
“Now, the Xu family is the only one under my banner.”
“The other three, can they send gifts to worship?”
Ye Fan said in a deep voice.
Xue Renyang thought for a moment, and then shook his head: “Indeed, none of the other three giants came to worship.”
“It seems that they do not appoint you, the Dragon Lord, the king of Yanjing.”
Ye Fan nodded: “What was expected.”
“The remaining three giants have profound backgrounds.”
“The Xu family is a master of politics, and the Ye family has become a god of war in the army.”
“What needs more attention is the He family.”
“Which family is better than the Ye family?”
“Ye Qingtian came out of the Ye family. That’s the first person in the army, the Chinese Army God!”
Ye Qingtian’s name can be described as thunderous in the military.
Xue Renyang naturally heard about it.
It can be said that if Ye Qingtian does not fall, Ye Family’s status in Yanjing and even in China will never fall!
Therefore, Xue Renyang has always believed that the top of the four giants, the Ye family will not let it go!
But now, Ye Fan actually said that the one who should be most afraid of is the He family who has the least sense of existence among the four giants.
You know, the Ye family and the Xu family relied on their solid status and disdain to participate in secular battles for market money.
But on TV and newspapers, people from the Ye and Xu families can still see it often.
Only Hejia, mysterious and low-key!
If you don’t participate in secular battles, you will not see anyone from the He family participating in any activities in the other major media.
That’s why, among Yanjing, the He family is undoubtedly the most inexistent wealthy family.

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