A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1038

“How can the frog at the bottom of the well see Honghu flying into the sky?”
“When you stand at the foot of the mountain, naturally you cannot see the trees on the top of the mountain waving in the wind!”
“Which family is unknown in the secular world, but in the martial arts world, it’s like thunderous ears.”
“The strongest person in the He family today is the Chinese martial arts, one of the gods of the Zhu Kingdom!”
“In terms of prestige and strength, it is not inferior to Ye Qingtian, the god of war in the army.”
“Moreover, the He family is a well-known martial arts family in China. For generations, the He family does not know how many powerful pillar nations have gone abroad.”
“The He family’s background, even if it is not as good as the Chu family, I am afraid it will not be inferior too much.”
The deep voice echoed slowly in the upper floors of this hotel.
While Ye Fan said, his eyes deep and deep, he looked at the world outside the window.
Nobody knows how many dragons and tigers are hidden under this seemingly peaceful world?
But Xue Renyang became more startled as he listened.
“Budo world?”
“The god of the pillar country?”
“Dragon Lord, what are these, do they really exist, why have I never heard of it?”
Xue Renyang asked suspiciously, only thinking that this world opened up a mysterious corner for him.
Ye Fan took a sip of his tea and continued to speak softly: “A place you can’t see does not mean it doesn’t exist.”
“The well frog doesn’t know the sea, but the sea is there!”
“The summer insects are silent, but winter is still there!”
“When you stand on a high place, you can naturally see a lot of things you couldn’t see before.”
“You don’t need to ask the extra, your existence is to help me take control of the secular world.”
“As for the martial arts world, the other dragon kings will help me deal with it.”
“However, what I can tell you is that there are powerful people in this world who are not afraid of guns.”
“As for the gods of the China Pillar Kingdom, they are the group of people standing at the pinnacle of the Chinese martial arts world.”
“In other words, 0d93f5d8 is the leader of Chinese martial arts.”
There was a long silence.
Over the years, Xue Renyang has been in the secular business world, but he didn’t know that there is another world above this secular world.
“Well, to tell you this is to remind you.”
“People of the He family, without my order, you must not provoke them without authorization.”
“Although we are not afraid of trouble, we should not ask for trouble.”
“I mean, do you understand?”
Ye Fan’s words were low, and he deliberately told Xue Renyang.
He will leave tomorrow, and now there is basically no threat to the land of Yanjing.
The only thing Ye Fan worries about is Xue Renyang and the others. They were dazzled by the power. They didn’t know that the sky was high and the earth was so great that anyone would provoke them.
That’s it for ordinary people. If you provoke a family like the He family, it will undoubtedly be extremely difficult for Ye Fan.
One Chu family was enough for Ye Fan to deal with. Of course, Ye Fan didn’t want to have another strong opponent.
“Dragon Lord, rest assured.”
“In the future, our sphere of influence in Yanjing will only seek stability, not expansion.”
“Never ask for trouble.”
Xue Renyang immediately agreed.
Ye Fan nodded: “Just know.”
“Also, over there, Xiao Lei, you can take care of me.”
“Xiao Lei, after all, is just a woman, even if she has been in Jiangdong for ten years, sometimes, you still need to remind those of you who have experienced the vicissitudes of life.”
“That’s natural. On Yanjing’s side, no matter what happens, the old slave will definitely protect Miss Xu to the death!”

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