A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1044

In terms of funds, Qiu Mucheng undoubtedly need not worry.
When the company’s affairs were gradually increasing, Qiu Mucheng also pulled Susie over and became her assistant.
The two of them have been in friendship for many years, their temperaments are similar, and they complement each other in work.
In today’s discussion, Qiu Mucheng came here with Susie.
“After all, it’s the price.”
“Sister, the price, Mr. Wang said, can we still talk about it?”
“One hundred million won’t do. It’s fine to add another ten to twenty million.”
“Furthermore, Suncheon Group is a large company from China Shipping.”
“Sister, let’s take a long view.”
“This piece of land, you gave a hundred million to President Wang. It seems that you have lost it, but you have made the friend of President Wang.”
“If I listen to my brother, I only have one hundred million, let it be Wang finally.”
“Just treat me as a face.”
“As for Grandpa, I know that you had trouble with our Qiu Family some time ago. As long as you give my brother this face, Qiu Family will help you handle it.”
“Let grandpa forgive you.” Qiu Muqi said while filling Qiu Mucheng with tea.
Susie was almost furious when she heard this!
“Qiu Muqi, I think your Qiu family members are accustomed to bullying Mucheng one by one, right? Now they treat Mucheng as a fool?”
“Give you back face!”
“Selling your Qiu Family is not worth 200 million. Where did your face make Mucheng give you 200 million face?” Susie said angrily.
“Su Qian, I respected you before because you were my third sister friend. Don’t be shameless, I’m talking to my third sister, how can you let you talk here?” Qiu Muqi said coldly with a cold eyebrow.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke.
“This piece of land was bought by our Mufan Real Estate with a lot of money.”
“I won’t let it to anyone.”
“Don’t say one billion is one billion, and I won’t let it.”
“This is my attitude.”
“So, I don’t want to talk about this piece of land in the future, you guys have to die.”
Qiu Mucheng said decisively, her words were majestic and beyond doubt.
“Mucheng, that said beautifully!”
“There are some people who just cheat their relatives.”
“People who fawn on others’ interests, really think everyone else is a fool.” Seeing Qiu Mucheng so tough, Susie immediately agreed with a smile.
Qiu Muqi’s face immediately became cold: “San Jie, depending on what you mean, is there no more to talk about?”
“Just treat your brother as a face, can’t it?”
Qiu Mucheng replied coldly: “Sorry, I can’t help.”
Qiu Muqi’s face immediately turned blue with anger, and finally tore her face to Qiu Mucheng directly: “Sister, you can think clearly.”
“That piece of land, if you let it, you can get 100 million more.”
“If you refuse, we have a way to let that piece of land rot in your hands.”
“Let your Mufan real estate lose all the money you lost!”
“Really? Then I’ll wait and see.” Qiu Mucheng sneered at Qiu Muqi’s threat, but was not afraid.
“Okay, third sister. Don’t regret it!”
“Today, you offended me and President Wang, and you simply cannot afford the consequences.”
“Wait and see?”
“Shengtian, let’s go!”
Qiu Muqi snorted, Dang Even turned and left.

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