A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1047

Thirty-six counts, go first.
Now that the two of them are weak women, if the drunk calls someone, they will of course have difficulty coping.
Therefore, regardless of Susie’s uncertainty, Qiu Mucheng pulled Susie and ran outside.
However, Susie and Qiu Mucheng were already blocked before they ran to the door.
“You… what are you doing?”
“I tell you, I…I’m going to call the police~”
Susie and Qiu Mucheng turned pale with fright when seeing the dozen or so strong men approaching in front of them.
Qiu Mucheng even took out her mobile phone and made an appearance that she wanted to call the police.
She thought that these people would be somewhat restrained.
But she found out that she was wrong!
A strong man in front of him slapped the past, and directly shot the mobile phone in Qiu Mucheng’s hand.
Smashed to the ground, the phone screen was shattered even more.
“Te mother, you hurt your second brother, we haven’t called the police yet, did you little lady scare us?”
A lean man cursed beside him.
At this time, the man whose head was broken by Susie with a wine bottle just now, after simply bandaging the wound, was helped and walked over.
“Second brother, these two little ladies were going to run just now. Fortunately, my sharp eyes let the brothers stop them.”
“Yeah, well done.” Wang Dali nodded with a full body of alcohol, and then stared at Qiu Mucheng and Susie with cold expressions.
“He looks soft and weak, gentle and intoxicating, but I didn’t expect it to be so cruel to start?”
“I, Wang Dali, spent more than ten years in Yunzhou, and it was the first time I was broken by a woman.”
“Go ahead, what should I do?”
Wang Dali asked grimly.
At this time, the restaurant lobby has undoubtedly become a mess.
The surrounding guests avoided far away, for fear of being hit by the fish, they all looked at Chu Yun with pity.
However, no one noticed that on the second floor of the restaurant, there were two men in suits, drinking and talking, sitting on the mountain and watching tigers fighting.
These two people are naturally Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian who left the table angrily just now.
“Mu Qi, who is the Wang Dali you’re looking for?”
Qiu Muqi took a sip of the dirty wine, and said lightly: “It’s a bullshit.”
“Although there is no human life on his hands, I did not do anything to break other people’s legs. In this area, it can be regarded as a bad name.”
“Oh, are you? You are not afraid. This Wang Dali really scared your third sister out of nowhere. At that time, your grandfather can spare you?” Wang Shengtian took a bite of small dishes and looked at the already panicked autumn below. Mucheng and Susie both shook their heads and smiled.
“She is ruthless first, so how can you blame me for being unjust?”
“If he doesn’t surrender that piece of land, I will not let her live in peace.”
“Today is just the beginning.”
“As for my grandfather’s side, Qiu Mucheng had already been swept out by my Qiu family. The Qiu family had suffered a catastrophe before, and it was also a gift from him. My uncle and grandpa hated her before it was too late. How could she blame me for her.” Mu Qi replied coldly.
“What about your third uncle and your third brother-in-law?” Wang Shengtian asked casually.
“Huh~They?” Qiu Muqi laughed when he listened, “It’s all a bunch of trash.”
“My third sister’s parents are just two trash e6b0c1f0. They eat and die all day long.”
“As for my third brother-in-law, it is even more useless.”
“You don’t know yet, do you?”
“My third sister is married to a door-to-door son-in-law and a mean countryman.”
“Oh? So, only your third sister can see their family?” Wang Shengtian listened, and suddenly laughed contemptuously.
“I’ll just tell you that. Tonight, this Wang Dali put Qiu Mucheng on, so I don’t even dare to put a fart.” Qiu Muqi grinned and drank a glass of beer.
Wang Shengtian smiled without saying a word, turned his head and continued to look downstairs.
He finally understands now why Qiu Muqi unscrupulously suppressed his third sister.
It turned out that Qiu Mucheng’s back was a bunch of waste.
Only dealing with a weak woman, they naturally have no scruples.

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