A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1050

“Brother, are you okay, sorry, sorry, it’s all bad sister…”
Susie was already frightened, hugging her brother and crying.
But Qiu Mucheng was panicked, but she still asked Susie for her mobile phone and asked Susie to call Ye Fan.
Susie was mad when she heard it.
“Mucheng, don’t you mess up?!”
“My elder brother can’t handle it. You call it a waste of money.”
“Just calling a dog, is it better than your poor husband?”
Susie roared with red eyes.
She didn’t expect that it was time to wait, her best friend was still fascinated, and she still pinned her hopes to her useless husband.
However, no matter what Susie said, Qiu Mucheng still believed.
Believe that as long as the man is there, no one can hurt her.
“He said that from now on, I won’t be hurt any more.”
“I believe in him.”
“Believe every word he said.”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t know why. It was only after Ye Fan left that she realized how dependent she was now on that guy.
In the past, when Ye Fan was there, no matter how much Qiu Mucheng was wronged, she would quickly turn around.
The previous Jianghai Han family birthday banquet was also the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate.
Although Qiu Mucheng didn’t know how Ye Fan could do it, she only knew that where he was, she would not be exposed to any wind or rain.
“You are crazy.”
“There is no cure~”
“Give you your phone, who do you like to call?”
“I want to see, will your wimpy husband come to rescue you?”
Susie was speechless.
In the end, I didn’t bother to spend more time talking with Qiu Mucheng, and threw the phone directly to her.
Qiu Mucheng’s phone was broken by Wang Dali’s people just now.
“You two chicks, are you going to call someone?”
“Just shout now, don’t you think it’s too late?”
Wang Dali sneered and slapped the phone in Qiu Mucheng’s hand again.
“Smelly ladies, it’s your honor for Lao Tzu to see you.”
“Are you really unhappy?”
“Since you are shameless, then I will smash your faces!”
Wang Dali obviously had no patience either. He slapped Qiu Mucheng’s face with a backhand slap amidst the anger.
Susie suddenly shouted in surprise.
But is it useful?
If yelling is useful, then there is no need for fists in this world.
However, just when Wang Dali’s slap was about to hit Qiu Mucheng’s face.
Suddenly, I heard a muffled noise behind me.
The doors and windows shattered and the ffd32619 glass exploded.
While a strong wind swept across, Wang Dali flew out of thin air as if he was kicked.
With a crash, it hit the wall and knocked over countless tables and chairs.
A dead silence~
Everyone turned around, looking at the door.
There was a thin figure standing in the chaotic world.
The sun was like water, shining on that person, but it was sprinkled all over the ground.
“Ye… Ye Fan?”
Seeing the visitor, Qiu Mucheng’s eyes suddenly widened.
That feeling is just like a light, splitting the sky and the earth, illuminating the entire darkness!
“I go!”
“Is it here?”
“Come so fast!”
Susie also screamed out in shock, with her mouth open, almost able to stuff an apple.

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