A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1051

Susie didn’t expect Ye Fan to come so fast.
Qiu Mucheng had just made a call, and it seemed that Wang Dali had knocked her phone off without getting through.
If that’s the case, could it be Ye Fan who found this by himself?
“Is this useless, does it hurt my wife?”
Susie was secretly surprised.
However, what made her tremble even more was still behind.
After seeing Ye Fan clearly, perhaps it was the cause of the panic. Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help but ran over and threw himself into Ye Fan’s arms.
“I go!”
“Mucheng, you…you…”
Seeing the scene before her, Susie only felt that her eyes were going to stare down.
She had never thought that Qiu Mucheng, who had always been arrogant, would actually embrace a son-in-law in the countryside.
Just because he saved her once, he accepted his husband?
Then the feelings of my girlfriend came too soon.
However, how did Susie know that Qiu Mucheng’s gaffe was not only because Ye Fan showed up in time in crisis, but also because she missed parting for half a month.
As the saying goes, Little Don’t Win New Love!
After such a long separation, the emotions accumulated in Qiu Mucheng’s heart undoubtedly just happened to explode at this moment.
The second floor of Haiyuan Pavilion.
Seeing this sudden change, Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian, c2154c6f, were naturally surprised, frowning unconsciously.
“Mu Qi, is this person your third brother-in-law?”
Seeing the two men and women cuddling each other, Wang Shengtian asked silently.
In the previous negotiations, Qiu Mucheng, who was still extremely cold, now turned into a man’s soft heart. Wang Shengtian only felt embarrassed and surprised.
Qiu Muqi remained silent for a long time, and finally picked up the wine glass. After drinking it all, he sneered and said, “Isn’t it?”
“However, I really didn’t expect that, my third sister is afraid that I want a man to be crazy, and now I am scornful of a useless person, and now I am giving up?”
“I really want to fall down~”
Qiu Muqi shook his head and said, full of contempt.
As for Qiu Mucheng’s marriage to Ye Fan, Qiu Muqi, as the Qiu family, undoubtedly knew very well.
He had heard that Qiu Mucheng hated Ye Fan before, and hadn’t let him touch it for more than three years.
At that time, Qiu Muqi still admired her cousin very much, thinking that she was a bit spine and arrogant.
Now it seems that it’s all a joke.
Now in front of so many people, Qiu Mucheng embraced this waste.
At home at night, I can’t tell how many times I have had sex.
When she was a child, Qiu Muqi had a crush on her cousin.
I dream of finding a beautiful woman like Qiu Mucheng to be his wife when I grow up.
Now for Qiu Mucheng, there is no doubt that only shame and disgust remained in Qiu Muqi’s heart.
After looking at the warm fragrance of the nephrite jade in his arms, Ye Fan suddenly smiled after a brief period of surprise.
Finally, Ye Fan actually sneered and laughed.
“Mucheng, this is the first time you have taken the initiative to hug me in so many years.”
“Don’t win the wedding, the ancients don’t deceive me!”
“After waiting a few days, I will leave for a while. Next time you come back, will you be willing to sleep with me?”
Ye Fan said these words without blocking his mouth, but he didn’t blush at all.

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