A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1053

In the restaurant, everyone was silent.
Only the breeze swept through, and the painful groans of the dozen big men.
Wang Dali, who was flaunting his might just now, is now full of blood on his legs. After being kicked and broken by Ye Fan, he knelt on the ground in pain.
However, even so, Wang Dali did not have any softness.
He looked at Ye Fan with hatred and vicious eyes, and yelled angrily: “Asshole, you dare to hit me?”
“My Long Brother will not let you go!”
“You broke my leg today, and my Long brother will definitely abolish your limbs in the future.”
“It makes you hard to die~”
Wang Dali roared with red eyes because of severe pain.
“Oh, is this what you rely on?” Ye Fan listened, but he glanced at the corner of his mouth and jokingly said, “In that case, don’t take another day. I will give you a chance today.”
“Call someone, I’ll just wait here.”
While speaking, Ye Fan pulled a chair and sat down.
I took a teapot from the table next door, and poured myself a cup of tea.
Wang Dali was stunned.
Obviously, he didn’t expect the man in front of him to be so arrogant.
Call him and let him call someone casually?
“Battle boy, you said it yourself.”
“Brother Long is here, don’t regret it!”
Wang Dali is not welcome, Ye Fan said so, if he didn’t call, he would be too sorry for Ye Fan’s stupidity.
Soon, Wang Dali endured the severe pain, took out his mobile phone from his bag, and began to make calls.
Susie was almost to death when she saw this.
“Ye Fan, are you stupid?”
“You really let him call someone?”
“People are afraid that things will go wrong. You are afraid that the world will not be chaotic.”
Susie said angrily, then pulled her brother up, and at the same time said to Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng’s couple: “Mucheng, call your husband, we’d better leave now.”
“There is no need to take risks anymore.”
“The ghost knows how many people this Wang Dali will call.”
“What if you call dozens of people?”
“Even if your wimpy husband is strong enough to beat ten of them, is it possible that he can beat dozens of them by himself?”
Susie obviously didn’t want to stay here anymore.
What happened just now almost left her a shadow in her life.
Fortunately, Qiu Mucheng’s husband is a bit skillful, otherwise, Susie can’t imagine the consequences.
“Yes, Brother Ye.”
“My sister is right. There is no need to put herself in danger for a while.”
“Come with us.”
Su Yang clearly remembered Ye Fan, and he also spoke out to persuade him at this time.
Qiu Mucheng did not speak, looking at Ye Fan with a pair of beautiful eyes full of worry.
Ye Fan waved his hand: “It’s okay.”
“This little thing, I still manage it.”
“Mucheng, if you are scared, you and President Su will go first.”
“This king vigorously provokes my woman. If there is no result of today’s affairs, I will not let it go.”
Should I go to Nima?
Susie was scared to death when she heard Ye Fan’s words.
A little thing?
Return his woman?
“Brother, who do you think you are?”
“Li Erye of Yunzhou?”
“Or Lei San from Jingzhou?”
“Such a big tone!”
“Please, we are a door-to-door son-in-law who has no money and no background, can we not be here to pretend to be forced?”
“While the other person hasn’t come, let’s go quickly.”
Susie was speechless and persuaded the arrogant arrogant who was still drinking tea in front of her.
But as a result, naturally there is no effect.

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