A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1054

Ye Fan still answered that, let them stay by themselves now, and ask for justice!
“If you want to die, go to die?”
“Mucheng, let’s go.”
“Don’t bother about this arrogance!”
“With a little bit of strength, I thought I was invincible all over the world?”
“Don’t listen to good words?”
Susie was so angry that the twin peaks in front of her were beating violently.
The good feelings that I had for Ye Fan just now undoubtedly disappeared.
However, what Susie did not expect was that Ye Fan did not leave, and Qiu Mucheng did not leave.
“Cici, you take your brother away first.” The
“Ye Fan came because of me, I can’t leave him here.” Qiu Mucheng whispered.
Susie’s eyes widened suddenly.
“Mucheng, he wants his life, so do you follow him?”
“It’s all crazy.”
“Yes, who told me to show you such a girlfriend.”
“Simply, are you all here waiting for death?”
If Qiu Mucheng didn’t leave, Susie was naturally too embarrassed to leave.
In this way, Ye Fan and his party were all in the Haiyuan Pavilion, waiting quietly.
“It’s really a deep relationship between husband and wife, it makes people move.”
In the direction of the second floor, Qiu Muqi filled another glass of beer, chuckling, and drank it in one go.
Downstairs, Wang Dali called again to urge.
“Brother Long, how long will it take to arrive?”
“Hurry up.”
“If you don’t come again, you won’t see your brother?”
“Also, there must be more people.”
“The other party is a practicing family, and a dozen of my brothers under my hand have been killed by him.”
Wang Dali cried to the phone for a long time.
After hanging up, he suddenly smiled at Ye Fan.
“Boy, my big brother will be here soon.”
“Wait for you~”
When the words fell, there was a roar of engines outside the restaurant.
“I go!”
“A lot of cars are here~”
“I’m afraid it’s more than a dozen cars.”
“How many people did this get?”
At the entrance of Haiyuan Pavilion, the crowd suddenly exploded.
After hearing the movement, many people looked out.
I saw the car door opened outside, and the dark crowd poured down from the car like a tide.
The leader is a burly man.
It’s cold winter, but still wearing a short shirt.
Dragon and tiger tattoos are faintly visible on the bare arms.
After getting out of the car, this person waved his hand behind him, and then walked in with the rolling crowd towards Haiyuan Pavilion.
“This… isn’t this, the master of the Yunzhou Dragon Tiger Martial Arts Hall?”
“Wori, it turned out to be him!”
“No wonder, so many people can come here?”
“This dragon and tiger martial arts gym is among the top three in Yunzhou and has the most members.”
“There are dozens of coaches who rely on the martial arts club for food?”
“In addition to some senior members of the martial arts gym, there are at least a hundred people who can shout out under your hand?”
“The young man is afraid to be planted.”
Listening to the discussion, Susie’s heart was cold.
Especially after seeing the dark crowd outside, Susie almost burst into tears.
Turning his head to curse at Ye Fan.
“You idiot, if you can’t go, can you pretend to be forced?”
“How is it now?”
“The master of the martial arts hall has arrived, and brought dozens of masters, how can you play?”
“I was killed by you bastard~”

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