A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1055

Susie’s complaints almost hated Ye Fan.
If Ye Fan hadn’t failed just now, they would no doubt have escaped safely now.
Now it’s alright, the backstage is here!
Few of them, I am afraid that none of them will be able to leave.
“Brother Long is here.”
“Boy, wait for you to die!”
Seeing the movement outside, Wang Dali suddenly laughed wanton, cursed at Chu Yun, and then hurriedly yelled while beckoning outside.
“Brother Long~”
“I am here.”
“We are here.”
In the shout, the leading man with flowers and a group of his men behind him rushed in like a tide.
After seeing the mess all over the floor and the scene of Wang Dali kneeling on the ground covered in blood, the eyebrows of the man with arms sank.
“Dali, how did you become like this?”
“Tell me, who is it?”
“I’m going to see, what kind of thing does not dare to hurt my brother Teng Along?”
The flower-armed man clenched his palms tightly, his brows were icy.
Wang Dali suddenly cried: “Big Brother, it’s him!”
“That’s the bastard. 8b7d43b5”
“He forced me to kneel, and he hurt our brother.”
“You must avenge me~”
Wang Dali pointed to Ye Fan’s direction and said sadly.
Teng Along nodded, and after a few words to appease Wang Dali, he immediately looked forward.
There was a thin figure sitting there, drinking tea peacefully.
As Ye Fan lowered his head, Teng Along couldn’t see his face at all.
However, this is not important.
“Boy, you did all this?”
“Those who dare to hurt me, have you ever thought about the consequences?”
“Today, if I keep on your limbs, there is no need for me Teng Along to hang around in Yunzhou.”
Sen Leng’s voice came out quietly.
The surging chill made everyone present feel terrified.
“Mr. Teng, all misunderstandings.”
“Look, I have a million in this card. Let me show my brothers. As for my brother, if you have a lot of adults, just let it go…”
Su Yang worried about Ye Fan’s accident, but hurried out with the money.
However, before he finished speaking, Teng Along kicked Su Yang directly.
“Hurt my brother, how can it be settled with money?”
“Hunboy, today I am a god, and I can’t save you!”
“Oh, is it so?”
Just when everyone thought Ye Fan would die this time, even when Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian both opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate, Ye Fan, who had been silent for a long time, gave a chuckle and quietly looked up. To the front of Teng Along and others.
At the moment when he saw Ye Fan’s face, Teng Along trembled all over, and he felt a roar in his mind, and his eyes suddenly widened.
“Yes… is it you?”
Teng Along was immediately stunned at the time. He did not expect that Wang Dali would be the ruthless person in front of him.
Is this Wang Dali an evil pen?
It is not good to provoke this pervert.
At this time, Teng Along was so angry that he couldn’t wait to kick this Wang Dali to death.
Although many days have passed since that day, Teng Along still vividly remembers the scene of Ye Fan violating dozens of men in the BBQ city that night.
Two legs, one punch!
In just a few breaths, dozens of armed men were brought down by Ye Fan.
At that time, Teng Along was even more horrified, and Ye Fan kicked him off the iron rod!
Teng Along didn’t dare to imagine that if Ye Fan kicked someone on his body, he would be able to kick him off his head, right?
“Brother Long, it’s him.”
“This stinky boy is still drinking tea and calmly. Obviously he doesn’t put you in your eyes.”
“Brother Long, hurry up and kill him, let him know how powerful our Dragon Tiger Martial Arts Hall is.” Wang Dali was still shouting loudly while fanning the flames.

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