A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 106

“Since then, almost every jewelry exhibition will be sponsored by Chen Ao, hosted by the Jianghai Jewelry Association, and it has gradually become the largest jewelry exhibition in North China. Jewelers from all parts of the world will come here to participate.”
“Almost people are making troubles in jewelry exhibitions in other places. But there are no people here, because everyone knows that behind this jewelry exhibition, standing is the king of Jiangdong!”
As if Sun Yuhao’s voice had a special magical power, both Han Feifei and Qiu Mucheng were silent, leaving only eyes full of shock.
“Damn, even though I knew Chen Ao was great, I didn’t expect him to be so great? He turned out to be the king of the entire Jiangdong?” Han Feifei was also shocked.
“Wow, Brother Yuhao, you know so much, so amazing.” Apart from the tremor, Han Feifei said to Sun Yuhao worshiping.
Sun Yuhao shook his head and chuckled softly: “You can see far when you stand on a high place. If you stand on a high place in the sea, then what you see is the entire Jiangdong. You stand on a high place in the Jiangdong, you see Yes, it is the entire China.”
“Why are successful people whose style of life is so much higher than that of ordinary people? It’s because they see so much and have a broad vision.”
“Otherwise, it’s like our Ye Fan brothers. Does he know Chen Ao? Maybe he doesn’t even know Li Erye of Yunzhou. People at the bottom of society, what they see is just what they see. Those who are struggling, why is there poetry and distance?”
Sun Yuhao’s remarks were undoubtedly pressing.
Han Feifei was already dumbfounded, and the gaze that looked at Sun Yuhao was full of admiration, only that Sun Yuhao was knowledgeable and super stylish.
Even Qiu Mucheng, after hearing Sun Yuhao’s insights, a strange light appeared in her beautiful eyes, and she was impressed. Remember to read in one second
I have to admit that without a certain level of self-cultivation, one cannot speak such a structured discourse.
“Sorry, I have said too much. Brother Ye Fan, don’t mind, I don’t mean anything else, it’s just a matter of fact.”
“Brother Yuhao, what do you apologize to this turtle? Anyway, what you said is the truth. Let’s go, I can’t wait, I want to meet my love.” Han Feifei couldn’t wait, pulling Qiu Mucheng and the others walked inside.
Sun Yuhao looked at Qiu Mucheng and smiled faintly: “I also hope that Mucheng can meet your love again.”
“Thank you.” Qiu Mucheng replied gently.
Then, a row of four people in a row of 661b51b3 walked slowly forward along the corridor.
“Sister Qiu, look, this necklace is so beautiful.”
“Wear it like a fairy.”
“And this diamond ring, I really like it~”
Along the way, Han Feifei twittered, looking around like a little sparrow.
All kinds of jewelry, almost dazzling.
In each showcase, there are almost several pairs of beautifully dressed men and women, watching them happily, carefully selecting them.
No woman doesn’t like jewelry, and Qiu Mucheng is no exception.
Looking at the dazzling, gorgeous and crystal jewels at this time, Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face also unconsciously showed a happy smile.
Several times, Qiu Mucheng wanted to go and wear it, but as soon as he saw the high price, Qiu Mucheng gave up immediately and stopped in sight.
However, when she walked to the center of the exhibition hall, Qiu Mucheng was attracted by a unique and elegant diamond ring almost instantly, and she subconsciously walked over and looked closer.
“Do you like it?” Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s expression, Sun Yuhao behind him, but an inexplicable smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, he walked up and asked slowly.

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