A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1062

“Wang Dali, can you try nonsense?”
“Do I know you so much?”
“When did I buy you to deal with my third sister?”
“I think you are crazy!”
“Not only the leg was broken, but the head was kicked stupid.”
Qiu Muqi cursed angrily.
But Wang Dali continued: “Mr. Qiu, we manly husband, one person does things and the other person. Can we not admit that we have done things?”
“If you weren’t buying me, how could I treat Miss Fu Qiu Mucheng.”
“I have no grievances with her.”
“Shut up! You talk nonsense again, I’m really kicking you to death!” Qiu Muqi was undoubtedly mad. He was thinking of destroying Ye Fan with this, but he never expected that the king would force Ye Fan. Choosing cleanly, instead confessed yourself?
In anger, Qiu Muqi kicked directly at Wang Dali.
With a scream, Wang Dali rolled around with his legs and groaned.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan immediately fanned the flames and said: “Ren team, are you just watching?”
“This fanatic is so arrogant that he dares to attack in front of you!”
“Now that the evidence is there, please take this madness down quickly.”
“And his accomplices, can’t let it go.”
“Dare to collude and buy murder.”
“Qiu Muqi, you are a capital crime!”
“Asshole, you’re talking nonsense again, this young master kicks you to death!” Qiu Muqi’s eyes flushed with anger when he heard Ye Fan buttoning his hat with nonsense.
The heart that killed Ye Fan was gone.
Under the anger, he really kicked Ye Fan when he raised his foot.
“As the team, save me~”
Ye Fan pretended to be frightened and hid behind Ren Han.
Seeing the scene before them, the old faces of Teng Along, Susie and others twitched without a trace, full of black lines.
I thought Ye Fan could really pretend.
Save you?
Save you big head ghost!
You can even kick the 308cd61f steel pipe with one foot, and you will be afraid of Qiu Muqi.
Ren Han naturally saw that Ye Fan was pretending to be weak, but she couldn’t help it, after all, Ye Fan pretended to be weak and didn’t break the law.
But this Qiu Muqi bites people everywhere like a mad dog.
Ren Han immediately used a trick to catch his hand, matched with a beautiful shoulder throw, and directly threw Qiu Muqi to the ground.
At the same time, he ordered his subordinates to take Qiu Muqi back to be tried.
“There is also the one over there, also bring it back for investigation.”
The person Ren Han was talking about was naturally Wang Shengtian who was walking with Qiu Muqi.
“You dare to take me back?”
Wang Shengtian suddenly opened his mouth in surprise.
“I tell you, don’t mess with me.”
“You are directly under the leadership, but I…”
Wang Shengtian still had to speak, but Ren Han kicked him over and kicked Wang Shengtian to the ground.
“So much nonsense!”
“Take them all to me?”
Ren Han has a hateful temper, and she never takes the identity of the other party into consideration.
In this regard, Ye Fan has no surprises.
He has experienced Ren Han’s courage.
At the beginning, Ye Fan was detained by Ren Han, and half of Jiangdong’s big figures came to fish him, but they couldn’t make this stubborn girl bow her head.
Now that Wang Shengtian wants to use his background to make Ren Han bow his head, he is undoubtedly looking for the wrong person.
A big drama originally designed for Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan ended with such an unexpected ending.
No one knows the anger and madness in Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian at this time.
They calculated everything, and finally dug a hole but buried themselves.
Qiu Muqi’s two dying hearts are almost there!

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