A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1063

“Boy, today’s affairs, we are not finished.”
“You wait.”
“Wait for me to come out and insult me today, I will let you pay a hundred times!”
“You are a country bastard, what do you think you fight against me, against my Qiu family?”
“You can’t save her, let alone your little broken company!”
After all, Qiu Muqi and others were taken back by Ren Han for investigation.
Before leaving, Qiu Muqi had red eyes and threatened Ye Fan with an angry voice.
To fall into the hands of a door-to-door son-in-law is undoubtedly a shame for Qiu Muqi. It is natural for him to be calm.
Ye Fan listened, but smiled faintly in Qiu Muqi’s direction, “Okay, I’ll wait.”
Soon, the crowd dispersed.
Here, only Ye Fan and Teng Along were left.
As for Wang Dali, he was undoubtedly taken away by Ren Han because he participated in today’s brawl.
But Ye Fan escaped because of Wang Dali’s shelter.
“This Wang Dali is quite sensible.”
“When he comes out, tell him, the ten million, don’t take it, remember it first.”
“In the future, if someone provokes me life and death without knowing it, I will pay back the cost and profit.”
Before leaving, Ye Fan said quietly to Teng Along.
Teng Along suddenly bowed his head and smiled: “Brother Fan is benevolent and righteous. If Dali knew it, he would definitely be happy.”
“Brother Fan, don’t worry, I will convey your words.”
“Brother Fan, go slowly! 1bf303de”
“Send off to Brother Fan~”
In this way, outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, dozens of masters in the Dragon Tiger Martial Arts Hall headed by Teng Along stood respectfully on both sides, but they were all like Ye Fan to see him off.
At that scene, Susie was stunned.
On the way back, Susie kept looking at Ye Fan with an unbelievable look.
Finally I couldn’t help it, and finally asked Xiang Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, what have you done to make Teng Along so afraid of you?”
Ye Fan chuckled softly: “It’s nothing, maybe it’s afraid of my fist.” “Fist?” Susie rolled her eyes, “Are you kidding me?”
“Teng Along’s group of dozens of people will be afraid of your two fists?”
Susie was full of doubts.
She didn’t think that what Teng Along and the others were afraid of was Ye Fan’s brute force.
After all, two fists are hard to beat four hands.
Ye Fan can beat ten, but Teng Along is forty or fifty.
With so many people, are they still afraid that Ye Fan will not be successful alone?
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “The well frog is trapped at the bottom of the well, so naturally I don’t know the breadth of the sea.”
“Similarly, if you don’t know martial arts, naturally you don’t know what my fists represent?”
“Cut~ I don’t want to say that I am falling down, still playing mystery here?” Susie rolled her eyes when she heard Ye Fan’s words.
Obviously, I didn’t think Ye Fan’s fist was so powerful.
After all, in Susie’s eyes, today is a technological society, and it is no longer the time to travel around the world with a pair of fists in ancient times.
However, how did Susie know that Ye Fan was relying on his pair of fists to not only dominate Jiangdong, but also stood on the top of Yanjing, standing proudly as the king!
The times are developing and technology is advancing.
But this society has not changed.
The weak and the strong, the strength is the respect, has always been the eternal tone of this society.
Wu enters the chemical realm and is not afraid of guns.
The strong fist naturally has unimaginable deterrence and energy!
“Cici, how do you speak?”
“It’s not polite!”
“If Brother Ye didn’t rescue him today, could you get away safely?”
“Previously, such a great kindness is to be promised by the body!” Su Yang was obviously paying attention to Ye Fan again. In and out of the words, there was a meaning of matching Susie and Ye Fan. In the end, Ye Fan came directly. A light meal at home to thank today’s kindness.
Ye Fan waved his hand: “President Su, no need. I have to take my wife home first.”

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