A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1070

“Mucheng, the university hurriedly said farewell back then. 33bfc32c has been gone for many years, right?”
“If it weren’t for Cici said, I didn’t know that your home was also in Yunzhou.”
“After learning about your residence, A Feng and I drove over immediately.”
“Speaking of which, A Feng and I can come together now, so do you have to thank Mucheng?”
“If you hadn’t rejected A Feng back then, how could Yuan Yuan find a good man like A Feng?”
Yuan Yuan said with a smile, but Qiu Mucheng couldn’t smile as she listened.
After all, Yuan Yuan’s words didn’t sound like he was really thanking Qiu Mucheng.
After that, Yuan Yuan talked a lot with Qiu Mucheng, but most of them were showing off how young and promising his husband was and how good she was to her.
“Mucheng, I understand that I have lived till now.”
“It’s useless for a woman to study well in her life, and it’s useless to look good. It’s most useful to marry a good husband.”
“Like you, how beautiful was it in school?”
“Study is good, half of the boys in the class chase you.”
“But now?”
“I’m not willing to use good cosmetics. The clothes I wear are from the side of the road for one or two hundred dollars.”
“Mucheng, I really feel sorry for you.”
“You said, if you marry a good husband, rather than a waste like him, now you are probably able to wear Versace clothes like me, instead of the low cost of shopping on Taobao?”
“Mucheng, you should have heard of Versace.”
“International luxury brands, like my trench coat, cost me more than 20,000? My husband bought it for me.”
Yuan Yuan pretended to be sympathetic, but a fool could tell that Yuan Yuan was showing off.
When I was in school before, Qiu Mucheng had great scenery.
In front of her, everyone is a foil.
Today, Qiu Mucheng married a wasteful husband, and Yuan Yuan is naturally gloating.
Intentionally or unconsciously showing off her superior life, also let Qiu Mucheng experience the loss of being a foil.
Facing Yuan Yuan’s words, Qiu Mucheng just bowed her head and smiled forcefully, with bitterness and sorrow in her heart.
Qiu Mucheng was an arrogant person, and now she was sympathized by her classmates and even laughed at wearing cheap clothes. Qiu Mucheng was naturally uncomfortable in her heart, she just felt unable to lift her head.
When Han Li listened, she was undoubtedly angry, and her heart suddenly became unbalanced.
“My Mucheng was delayed by this uselessness.”
“You trash, do you have the face to eat?”
“Look at your husband, then look at you.”
“People buy tens of thousands of clothes for their wife as soon as they sell it, how about you?”
“I know that I’m waiting for death. Have you ever bought something for my Mucheng?”
“My Mucheng’s stall on you is a waste of money, it’s really bloody mold for eight lifetimes!”
Han Li scolded Ye Fan, and Situ Feng beside him was undoubtedly proud. At the same time, he persuaded, “Auntie, you don’t blame him. After all, some people are born only for housework, you let him make money in business. , He wouldn’t be?”
Just when Han Li and others scolded Ye Fan, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.
Qiulei immediately went to open the door.
“Excuse me, is Miss Qiu at home?”
“I am the official of Versace, the head of the Yunzhou branch, and I am entrusted by others to tailor the clothes to Miss Qiu.”
The official director of Versace?
Upon hearing this, Yuan Yuan and others were shocked!

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