A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1074

Ye Fan looked at it, “Well, not bad.”
“Xiao Fei is really interested. The person I was looking for was quite reliable.”
Hearing Ye Fan’s praise, Zhang Ping couldn’t help himself.
Before coming, Shen Fei had specifically instructed that Mr. Ye Fanye was a hidden figure, and he must be respected.
Zhang Ping, of course, dare not provoke even the big man who even the prince of the Shen family fears.
“Mr. Ye, Madam, can I?” Zhang Ping asked carefully.
For Qiu Mucheng to tailor her clothes, she naturally had to seek permission from Ye Fan.
Ye Fan nodded, and then said to Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, Manager Zhang has come from afar, so you can cooperate?”
“Ye Fan, what’s going on?” Qiu Mucheng was in the clouds, wondering what Ye Fan was doing.
Ye Fan smiled: “Well, don’t ask, you will know later.”
Although puzzled, Qiu Mucheng also cooperated.
Zhang Ping immediately asked his assistant to start tailoring clothes for Qiu Mucheng.
Yuan Yuan, who was on the side, looked at it, no doubt in his heart.
Before, she even showed off her Versace brand-name clothes, but who would have thought that the one on her immediately became a fake, but Versace officially tailored Qiu Mucheng’s clothes instead.
This undoubtedly made Yuan Yuan feel dull, and only felt that he had a sense of anger that Qiu Mucheng had compared.
However, Yuan Yuan was unwilling to be suppressed by Qiu Mucheng in this way.
After that, she continued to smile and said, “Mucheng, just one piece of clothing. After a few months of wearing it, she will be replaced with a new one. As long as she looks good, she wears the same brand.”
“The most important thing for women is gold and silver jewelry. Especially for married women like us, wearing a good diamond ring is especially important.”
“Just like this diamond ring in my hand, my husband spent 300,000 to buy me a fine diamond in Southeast Asia.”
“Mucheng, you have to work hard. Your husband can’t count on it. You have to make money by yourself. Even if you can’t afford 300,000, you have to buy a 20,000 to 30,000 diamond ring for yourself. Women can’t treat themselves badly.” Qiu Mucheng always felt ashamed of the diamond ring sent by Shen Fei. She always wanted to find a chance to return it to Shen Fei, so she rarely wears it.
Looking at Qiu Mucheng’s bare fingers now, Yuan Yuan naturally took this to ironic.
“Three hundred thousand?”
“Miss, you are expensive!”
“You diamond ring is worth five thousand at most.”
At this time, a voice came quietly.
Then, outside the door, a capable woman wearing an OL suit walked in on high heels.
In a few short words, she slapped Yuan Yuan’s face like a slap.
Yuan Yuan turned black at the time and said angrily: “Who are you again?”
“Why say my diamond ring is worth five thousand!”
Yuan Yuan almost died of anger.
She was just ashamed, and now she wants to find her face from the diamond ring, but who would have thought that she was slapped back without being caught.
The woman ignored her. After looking around, she immediately walked towards Ye Fan: “Mr. Ye, I am the chief jewelry designer and manager of the Shen Group.”
“By the order of the young master, I am here to send the design drawings to my husband, please read it!”
Shen’s jewelry?
Chief designer?
“Shall I go to Nima?”
“Bullshit this!”
“Shen’s group is a group of 100 billion yuan, so the chief designer will know a wimp?” Yuan Yuan cursed directly.
Situ Feng also immediately echoed: “That’s good!”
“I am also an employee of the Shen Group. If you are the chief jewelry designer of the group, why have I not met you?”
“You’re afraid it’s an actor invited by this trash, who deliberately acted for us!”
“Oh, really? Have you seen me?” Situ Feng just said this, and a figure appeared quietly outside the door.

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