A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1088

Wang Shengtian’s eyes were red, and his whole body was completely lost.
At this time, he roared sadly at Ye Fan.
Ye Fan ignored him and ignored him.
Still sitting on the sofa, drinking tea lightly.
The cozy look is like watching a scene.
Seeing Ye Fan’s expression, Wang Shengtian clenched his palm. Looking at Ye Fan’s eyebrows, there was endless resentment.
But after a long time, these strong hatreds, in the end, just turned into torrents of fear.
There was a bang.
Wang Shengtian, after all, knelt down to Ye Fan.
After calming down, Wang Shengtian finally realized the horror of the man in front of him.
In just a few short interest rates, the entire Suncheon Group, really because of this person’s word, the building will collapse, and it will be crumbling.
Their royal family’s foundation for several generations is so fragile in his hands?
Wang Shengtian couldn’t imagine at all, what terrible power the man in front of him had in his hands?
He looked at Ye Fan and smiled sadly.
“Country turtle?”
“Worthy son-in-law?”
“It looks like it’s just an illusion on the surface.”
“Be deceived, everyone was deceived.”
“A casual sentence can make the Shuntian Group tottering, and the building will fall.”
“A simple word can destroy my foundation for generations and hundreds of billions of empires.”
“If you don’t have a great background and power, you can’t do it!”
“You are not a wasteful son-in-law, who are you?”
Wang Shengtian laughed at himself.
With a heart full of loss, he asked Ye Fan sadly.
Among the heavy, there are fears and doubts, but more, still the unknown fear of the man in his eyes.
Ye Fan sipped a sip of tea, then raised his head to look at Wang Shengtian. The play on the corner of his mouth became more and more intense: “Mr. Wang, instead of caring about my identity, you might as well think of a way to save your parents. What you are proud of, Suncheon Group.”
After Wang Shengtian heard it, his expression suddenly stunned.
He knelt on the ground, looked at Ye Fan, and asked anxiously: “Ye…Mr. Ye, my father can still be saved? I also have the Shuntian Group?”
Wang Shengtian was already desperate just now.
He thought he had completely angered Ye Fan before, and their Shuntian Group had been hopeless. But hearing Ye Fan’s words made Wang Shengtian see hope again.
“I said it before.”
“You Shuntian Group, in my eyes, are nothing but ants.”
“I let him die, and let him live.”
“It’s not just a matter of my thoughts that a mere ant will kill or die.”
The words are calm, but the weight of Ye Fan’s words is heavier.
After Wang Shengtian heard this, he immediately bowed down and begged for mercy.
The forehead couldn’t help but smashed to the ground, and soon bleeding came.
“Ye… Mr. Ye, what do you want me to do, I promise you.”
“Just beg you, raise your hands high, let go of my father, let go of our Suncheon Group~”
“Mr. Ye, it’s me, Wang Shengtian, who has eyes and no beads, please sir, raise your hand~”
Wang Shengtian couldn’t help crying, tears shed with blood.
Behind him, his assistants were already dull and stunned, looking at their boss, kneeling at Ye Fan’s feet and begging for mercy.
Just now, Wang Shengtian still looked condescending and pretentious in front of Ye Fan, but now, he was panicked and only defeated.
Ye Fan watched, listened, and smiled: “Mr. Wang, I told you for five minutes just now and I asked you to kneel and beg for mercy.”
“Before you didn’t believe it, you thought it was a joke.”
“Now, how?”
Amidst the faint laughter, Ye Fan raised his glass and looked at the panicked man in front of him.
Then, look up and drink it all!

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