A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1095

“Ye Fan?”
“It’s you again!”
“Last time about the Haiyuan Pavilion, this young master hasn’t settled the account with you. Today, you trash, dare to show up?”
Seeing that it was Ye Fan, Qiu Muqi suddenly stopped being angry.
Yesterday in Haiyuan Pavilion, if it wasn’t for Ye Fan to confuse right and wrong and reverse black and white, how could he and Wang Shengtian be taken away by Ren Han?
In the end, I had to ask for the relationship and walked out of it.
But what happened yesterday still made Qiu Muqi ugly, and it would be strange not to hate Ye Fan.
“Mucheng is my wife.”
“Now my wife is being bullied. As a husband, I should naturally show up.” Ye Fan smiled faintly.
“Oh, you are a rural turtle, incompetent waste, what’s the use if you come?”
“What Qiu Mucheng lacks now is money, do you have it?” Qiu Muqi sneered and laughed.
Susie didn’t have any anger when she saw Ye Fan.
“Didn’t Mucheng let you go out to rent a house just now, what are you doing with you?”
“There is enough chaos in the company. You can’t solve Mucheng’s worries and troubles. Come over and add to the chaos?”
Susie despised.
Ye Fan ignored Susie, but went straight to Qiu Muqi.
“Qiu Muqi, I thought that after the Shuntian Group was gone, you would retreat in the face of difficulties.”
“Unexpectedly, you didn’t know how to converge.”
“Do you really think that Shuntian Industry could not do anything to me. You can take down Mucheng and Mufan Real Estate by relying on a little Liu Bin?”
Listening to Ye Fan’s cold words, Qiu Muqi suddenly laughed out loud.
It’s as if I heard the funniest joke in the world.
“You useless, really don’t know, where do you have the confidence to say this?”
“But you are really right.”
“By relying on Liu Bin and Manager Liu, I can really bring down Qiu Mucheng and bring down your Mufan real estate!”
Qiu Muqi said grimly.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “Oh, isn’t it?”
At the moment when Ye Fan’s words fell, a vehicle came from outside the company. ,
Then, I saw a panicked middle-aged man, held by two strong men, thrown directly into Mu Fan’s real estate, and then fell under Ye Fan’s feet.
Ye Fan picked up a cup of tea from the table, took a sip, and said, “Master Qiu, you should know this person, right?”
“This is, Liu Bin!!”
Seeing this person, Qiu Muqi was shocked.
The whole person is just like five thunders.
His eyes were shocked, and his pupils shrank violently.
“This… how could this happen?”
“Manager Wang, how did you end up like this?”
After Wang Shengtian left, Liu Bin was almost Qiu Muqi’s last resort.
But he never expected that the general manager of the Hongqi Group would be thrown at Ye Fan’s feet like a dog.
“Ye Fan, are you so courageous?”
“In the light of the sky, you dare to attack Manager Liu Bin.”
“You wait, and I will ask the lawyer to sue you for personal injury at night!”
“Wait for you to go to jail?”
Qiu Muqi’s eyes were red, and he roared angrily.
It seemed that Qiu Muqi totally believed that Ye Fan had beaten Liu Bin in this way.
However, just when Qiu Muqi was angry, outside the door, a man in a suit, with an aristocratic atmosphere in his words and deeds, stepped in.
After looking around, he immediately walked to Ye Fan and respectfully bowed to Ye Fan: “Mr. Ye, his subordinate Xiao En, by the order of Miss Xu Lei, came to Yunzhou to take over the Red Flag Group.”
“It is now found that Liu Bin, the former general manager of Hongqi Group, colluded with outsiders for private purposes. Not only the company’s property was invaded, but also the villain was suspected of colluding with the villain to harm Mufan’s real estate and design to frame Mr. Ye’s wife and Miss Qiu.”
“As determined by the company’s board of directors, Liu Bin has been revoked from all positions within the group. He was transferred to the public security organ for trial for the crime of embezzlement.”
“Before this, please bring this person here and apologize to Mr. Ye and Miss Qiu.”
“It’s me that the Red Flag Group doesn’t know people, please Mr. Ye to punish!”
The low voice was quietly exploded in the hall.

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