A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 110

“Before, I always wondered what kind of strange woman it would be to be worthy of the dragon and phoenix among people like Brother Fan. Now I finally saw her, my sister-in-law is beautiful and beautiful, and worthy of my Brother Fan.”
As Shen Fei said, he was very enthusiastic, one mouthful for Brother Fan and one sister-in-law, and they were very kind. I don’t know, I’m afraid I really think that Shen Fei and Ye Fan are brothers.
And watching this scene, the shopping guide Wang Yingying was completely stunned. She opened her mouth and asked in a panic: “Young master, you… do you know him?”
“Nonsense. Brother Fan has a gift for me to recreate. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I have reborn parents. Do you know you know?”
As soon as Wang Yingying heard this, that Zhang Lian suddenly became white, she was frightened and silly, thinking it was broken.
But Shen Fei was still smiling at this time: “Brother Fan is probably buying a diamond ring for his sister-in-law.”
“Next time Brother Fan wants to, just tell me directly. I will send it to you personally, so why don’t you make a special trip.”
While speaking, Shen Fei turned his head to get Ye Fan a diamond ring. When he turned around, he noticed the one on the counter, and he was furious: “Who made this diamond ring?”
Wang Yingying’s face paled with fright for an instant f4d44e4b, and she replied stiffly: “I…I made it.”
“For those who don’t wink, Brother Fan came to choose a diamond ring to send his wife to his wife. Why would you give him such a small one? Are you humiliating Brother Fan or humiliating me? You can get this broken diamond ring? Take Brother Fan Who are you?”
“This kind of broken diamond ring is also forced to be bought by those terrapins to coax girls. Are you embarrassed to show this kind of broken thing to Brother Fan?”
Shen Fei cursed angrily.
Shen Fei dealt with jewelry all day long, he had seen hundreds of millions of diamond rings, this kind of ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine million thing, in his eyes, is indeed a tattered.
Sun Yuhao on the side, his old face turned red into pig’s feet.
Although Shen Fei’s words were scolding Wang Yingying, they actually humiliated Sun Yuhao.
After all, he planned to buy this diamond ring as a gift to Qiu Mucheng. But who would have thought that in Shen Fei’s mouth, his Sun Yuhao turned out to be a local turtle and Qiongbi?
Qiu Mucheng is still here, and these words of Shen Fei undoubtedly made Sun Yuhao’s face a bit uncontrollable, his face flushed.
Wang Yingying was also very frightened at this time. Faced with Shen Fei’s scolding, she explained in a low voice: “No…not for Mr. Fan. It was bought by the gentleman as a gift.”
“Oh, it turns out that there is really a second-handed turtle who buys such a small diamond ring to pick up girls.” Shen Fei’s words almost killed Sun Yu’s pride.
“Okay, don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and get our store’s treasure of the town, and send it to Brother Fan. Such an adult, and there is no wink at all. I will remember it for me in the future. See Brother Fan , Give me respect and respect, and don’t give Brother Fan those hundreds of thousands of things, it’s not embarrassing enough.”
Shen Fei was training these shopping guides, and Sun Yuhao on the side listened to the words, but he was heartbroken. At this time, he wanted to find a place to sew in.
“Yes Yes Yes.”
At this time, Wang Yingying hurriedly sent the nearly four million diamond ring to Ye Fan.
“Young… Master, give Mr. Fan, I… do we still offer a 30% discount?” Wang Yingying asked cautiously. According to past experience, Shen Shao would sell it at a 30% discount when meeting acquaintances. No matter how low, you lose money.
But who ever thought, Shen Fei heard it and exploded again, and immediately cursed: “Seven your mother!”
“I’m still hitting your sister’s discount. We will send you the things Brother Fan wants.”
Shen Fei’s boldness, but it trembled countless people.
Han Feifei grew up and gasped.
Four million things?
Send it directly?
Oh my god, Ye Fan, what a face!
Han Feifei was shocked.
The first time she looked at Ye Fan, her eyes were a little different.
However, facing the diamond ring sent by Wang Yingying, Ye Fan sneered: “Don’t, I’m a poor one, I’m still a dick, and bank cards are all forged. I dare not accept the diamond ring you gave, and I can’t stand it. Up.”
Ye Fan’s words were cold and ironic.
Wang Yingying’s old face turned pale at the time.
Shen Fei was naturally not a fool. Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Shen Fei’s brows suddenly frowned: “What’s the matter? Could someone offend Brother Fan?”
Shen Fei looked around, Wang Yingying was afraid to speak, and the other shopping guides also bowed their heads.
“By the way, did you just say that someone bought a diamond ring with a fake card, but you saw it through on the spot and was under your control? Could it be that the person you were talking about was Brother Fan?” Shen Fei remembered that Wang Yingying had seen him before. What he said when he arrived, immediately asked Wang Yingying angrily.
Wang Yingying was scared and silly.

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