A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1106

The car roared, and Ye Fan drove a black luxury Maybach car, galloping all the way towards the agreed-upon Genting Mountain Hotel.
“I’m going, this car is so handsome!”
“Benz S-Class?”
“Could it be, Maybach S680!”
“My God, this car is worth millions, right?”
“Back then, Xu Lei, the richest man in Yunzhou, the beauty president of Hongqi Group, drove just an S600, right?”
“This car is better than the richest man’s car.”
“It’s so rich that you can afford this car?”
“I’m afraid it’s Li Erye’s car in Yunzhou. It’s not like this, right?”
“Unexpectedly, in a small town with a big fart in Yunzhou, we can actually see such luxury cars?”
Ye Fan drove fast in the cold wind.
Along the way, I don’t know how much tremor and envy fell behind me!
However, Ye Fan didn’t drive for long. At the intersection ahead, a car flashed with police lights but stopped in front of Ye Fan’s car.
When he saw the sexy and slender woman in uniform by the side of the road, Ye Fan’s face turned dark!
“This woman is born to overrule Laozi, right?”
Ye Fan scolded with anger.
But in the end there was no alternative, so I had to stop the car obediently and accept Ren Han’s inspection.
After all, Ye Fan was suspected of driving an unlicensed car, and, more seriously, driving without a license!
Yes, Ye Fan does not have a driver’s license yet.
It wasn’t that Ye Fan knew the law and broke the law, mainly because he thought that the traffic police would dare not stop him when he drove such a luxury car.
But Ye Fan didn’t even think that he would run into Ren Han.
“Damn, it’s you again?”
Not only was Ye Fan surprised, when Ren Han saw Ye Fan’s “earth turtle” walking down the luxury car in front of him, he was also shocked and surprised.
Having dealt with Ye Fan a lot, this man was always a mystery in Ren Han’s eyes.
Say he is great, but he is a door-to-door son-in-law and suffers humiliation.
Say he is trash, that time in jail, countless big people came to fish him.
However, Ren Han has always been righteous, and Ye Fan doesn’t care what identity she is. As long as he violates the rules, Ren Han has to deal with him.
“Ren Han, do you have any grudges against me?”
“I can meet you everywhere!”
“The key is not a good thing.”
“Simply unlucky.”
“Also, does your family live by the sea?” Ye Fan asked with a black face and angrily.
Ren Han was stunned, wondering what Ye Fan said.
Ye Fan gave her a white look: “You live by the sea, and you’re so generous!”
“You care about murder and arson. You also care when I drive a car?”
“Which department are you in?”
“I’m temporarily seconded to the traffic police department, can’t it?” Ren Han replied coldly, then looked at the luxury car behind him, and then at Ye Fan, who was wearing plain clothes in front of him, “Okay, the car is not bad?”
“Maybach 680, several million, right?”
“Last time I rode a two-wheeled electric car, and now I drive millions of luxury cars?”
“Mr. Ye is getting rich?” Ren Han said inexplicably, but the laughter made people goose bumps.

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