A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1108

Susie pulled Qiu Mucheng away quickly.
Taishan Hall.
Yuan Yuan pushed open the door and saw that Qiu Mucheng had gone downstairs, and he was relieved immediately: “Go away, Mucheng has been taken away.”
“it is good!”
“Everyone continue to decorate.”
“Wait for the young master to return home, everyone present today will have a red envelope of 10,000 yuan each.” In the private room, a rich young master in bright clothes and textures said boldly.
Yes, this person was what Yuan Yuan specifically said to Qiu Mucheng yesterday, monitor Fan Zhongxian.
Suddenly, there was a commotion!
“Let me go, ten thousand yuan red envelope?”
“The squad leader is really lavish.”
“If it wasn’t for my children would all run away, otherwise I would definitely chase the monitor?”
“Xiaoying, are you dreaming?”
“If you want to chase Brother Xian, you must first look as beautiful as Mucheng?”
“Otherwise, how can Brother Xian look at you?” Situ Feng said with a smile.
There was a burst of laughter in the Taishan Hall.
Fan Zhongxian waved his hand: “Okay, everyone, I’ll talk about it later, and now everyone helps me arrange it.”
“Hang the lanterns, there are kaleidoscopes, and the red carpets~”
“Music is ready too~”
“There are also stereo microphones, so make sure not to make any accidents.”

After a busy period, the whole exhibition hall has undoubtedly been decorated.
“A Feng, it’s okay. Let your wife Yuan Yuan call Su Qian and ask her to bring Mu Cheng over.” Fan Zhongxian said to Situ Feng after finishing her haircut.
“Haha, after a while, Brother Xian will wait for our class’s Banhua to give her a hug, right?”
Situ Feng flattered, and then asked his wife Yuan Yuan to call Su Qian.
“Brother Xian, already notified.”
“Su Qian said, Mucheng will be here in about five minutes.”
“Let’s get ready first.” Situ Feng said to Fan Zhongxian.
Fan Zhongxian nodded.
He adjusted his haircut again, straightened his luxurious suit, and finally held up a bunch of flowers.
“Afeng, how is it?”
“Is my image okay?” Fan Zhongxian asked narcissistically.
Situ Feng and others gave a thumbs up.
“Brother Xian was the squad leader of our class back then. He is naturally a talented person. Now he has more of a man’s stability and charm.”
“I watched as a man, and couldn’t help but want to give birth to a monkey for Brother Xian.”
Situ Feng’s words naturally caused laughter.
Fan Zhongxian was very happy when he heard it, and seemed extremely helpful.
“In that case, everything is ready, everyone first turn off the lights and wait for Mucheng to arrive.”
All the lights went out, the moon outside was as cold as water, and the Taishan Hall was dark.
Time passed gradually.
Fan Zhongxian was slightly nervous, his heart beating.
Finally, a few minutes later, footsteps came outside.
Soon after, the door was pushed open.
In the dim moonlight, everyone only saw a thin figure who opened the door and walked in.
“It’s now!”
I don’t know who shouted.
Immediately after~
The multicolored lights are instantly lit, and there are neon flashes in the dimly lit room.
Although not bright, it makes the room extremely romantic and dreamy.
Fan Zhongxian held flowers in his hand and stood under the dreamy light, with low music flowing behind him, while he stared affectionately ahead, the emotional words quietly resounded.
“In these years, I have seen spring and summer breeze, autumn leaves and winter snow.”
“I also walked all over the southern waters and northern mountains, and the eastern foot of Xiling.”
“But these four seasons, spring and autumn, the mountains and rivers are not as good as you, so I smiled at me.”
Emotional words flowed, and Fan Zhongxian’s pupils were like stars, reflecting colorful stars.
He knelt on one knee, holding flowers, like an infatuated Erlang, reaching out to the figure in the dark ahead, and stretched out his hand.
“Mucheng, I have gone through thousands of sails, traveled all over the world, but finally found out,”
“It’s you who I like!”

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