A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 111

Wang Yingying was shocked at the time, lowered her head, her eyes were red, and she apologized in panic: “Yes,…sorry, young…Master, I…I really didn’t know him and you…you know him just now. .”
“I… I want to know, I am killed, and I dare not offend Mr. Fan..”
“I’m going to Nima!” When Shen Fei heard this, he was shocked and angry, thinking that this stinky lady almost killed our Shen family, who is Mr. Chu, you dare to offend a little shopping guide?
In furious, Shen Fei immediately cursed: “Not knowing is not the reason why you look down on others.”
“Things that are not eye-catching, now go to the finance and collect the salary and quickly roll up the bedding for me. My Shen’s jewelry can’t tolerate you, a snob with eyes and dogs.”
Wang Yingying cried and shed tears.
Faced with Shen Fei’s reprimand, her eyes were red and she was very frightened, but crying and begging Shen Fei not to drive her away, she would never dare anymore.
“Do you dare to have a future?”
“You dare to provoke anyone, don’t you get out of me!”
Shen Fei still cursed angrily where she tolerated her. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Fan was expressionless, but Qiu Mucheng was watching from the side, and she couldn’t bear it: “Master Shen, I think she will give her another chance. I believe that after she has learned this lesson, she will inevitably converge a lot in the future. .”
Hearing Qiu Mucheng’s words, Shen Fei did not immediately make a decision, but looked at Ye Fan on the side.
After all, among the people present, what Shen Fei really feared was only Ye Fan. As for the respect for Qiu Mucheng, it was entirely in Ye Fan’s face.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, just nodded slightly.
Seeing that Ye Fan didn’t hold it anymore, Shen Fei simply sold Qiu Mucheng’s face: “This is also my sister-in-law who helped you intercede, otherwise, today my young master will have to drive you away.”
“But the capital crime is unavoidable, and the living crime is inevitable. You almost got into a catastrophe today. You don’t have to be the manager of this counter. I will choose another person.”
Wang Yingying’s face was pale, her head bowed full of regret, facing Shen Fei’s punishment, she had no choice but to silently endure it.
It’s just that, until now, Wang Yingying didn’t really understand a sentence.
If she hadn’t had a dog’s eyes to look at people before and insulted Ye Fan, she would naturally not end like this. Although the job was saved, the managerial position he had worked so hard to obtain in the past ten years has been in vain, and now he will start over.
“Shen Shao, I think this girl is nice, friendly and kind, but she can be more cultivated.” At this time, Ye Fan looked at a young woman aside.
This person was just the young shopping guide who had been reprimanded by Wang Yingying before speaking for Ye Fan.
When Shen Fei heard this, he immediately replied: “Brother Fan is right, it’s because I don’t know how to hire. In the future, she will be the counter manager, and her salary will double.”
“Xiaoyu, Brother Fan appreciates you so much, you have to work hard, don’t disappoint Brother Fan’s hope.”
Shen Fei’s words gave Ye Fan a lot of face. Xiaoyu, the shopping guide, was stunned at the time. The happiness came too suddenly. She had just worked here for only half a year, but she did not expect to become a manager like this.
“What are you still doing? Hurry up and Xie Fan.” Shen Fei glared at her.
Xiaoyu hastened to thank you.
Ye Fan just smiled faintly, and did not stay here for a long time, so the group continued to stroll forward.
However, before leaving, Ye Fan looked back at Wang Yingying and the others, leaving a word of loyal persuasion: “This is a man, not too Sun Yuhao! Otherwise, this is a lesson from the past.”
“I’m still alive, as a calm person, a person who always smiles, and a kind person.”
Ye Fan’s pretense is very deep, Wang Yingying, Xiaoyu and others nodded in response immediately, saying that they should remember Mr.’s teachings.
When Sun Yuhao next to him heard this, he almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood.
What does it mean that people cannot be too Sun Woo Ho?
What’s wrong with me?
Am I a failure in life?
“The mountains are high and the road is far, Ye Fan, shall we wait and see?”
Sun Yuhao was so angry at that time, he gave a cold snort, gave Ye Fan a fierce look, and turned away angrily.
“Brother Yuhao, Brother Yuhao~ Where are you going?”
“Wait for me~”
Han Feifei saw Sun Yuhao go angrily and hurried to catch up.
Seeing this, Qiu Mucheng on the side glared at Ye Fan with a pair of beautiful eyes, “Now are you happy? They are all angry and gone.”
Ye Fan snorted, “I’m the one who left him. He was so embarrassed that he felt embarrassed. After such a big ugly, I have no face to stay any longer.”
“Really?” Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan with eyes full of contempt, “I don’t know anyone who licks his face every night and shamelessly wants to go to someone else’s bed. How can I remember it?”
No one knew how shameless Ye Fan was than Qiu Mucheng.
When Ye Fan heard this, he immediately stared, “Is this shameless? This is my normal performance of a man’s rights.”

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