A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1111

Soon, everyone was seated, and the banquet had already begun.
The old classmates had been away for many years and saw each other again, and everyone was talking hotly.
“Mucheng, come and taste this fish.”
“I remember, you like yellow river carp the most.”
“This fish is the Yellow River carp. I bought it from fishermen on the side of the Yellow River yesterday. It is absolutely authentic.”
While speaking, Fan Zhongxian turned the table and turned the fish in front of Qiu Mucheng.
Seeing this, Su Qian quickly took the opportunity to match up: “Squad leader, are you too partial? With so many girls in our class, why do you only remember Mucheng alone.”
“That’s it~”
“We are jealous.”
The students around were booing.
Situ Feng also quietly urged Qiu Mucheng to toast Fan Zhongxian a glass of wine.
“Mucheng, look how nice Brother Xian is to you.”
“After so many years, I still remember your taste, and now it is not far away to buy fish for you to eat.”
“As the saying goes, sending goose feathers for thousands of miles is less courteous than others.”
“This kindness is worth at least three glasses of wine.” Situ Feng laughed.
Susie also hurriedly agreed: “Situ Feng is right, Mucheng, you really should toast some glasses of wine to the monitor.”
Qiu Mucheng glared at Su Qian secretly: “Cici, don’t make a fuss.”
“No more nonsense, be careful that I deduct your salary!”
Qiu Mucheng warned Susie in a low voice.
But Susie didn’t take it seriously: “If my sacrifice can be exchanged for a good story about the appearance of a talented woman in the world, you will just leave me, and I will be worth it.”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng was speechless when she heard Susie’s words.
“Mucheng, don’t be embarrassed.”
“Squad leader’s good intentions, do you have to say something?”
“Even if you can’t drink white wine, you can drink red wine.”
“Yes, Mucheng, you will be the monitor.”
The table full of people, you persuade me every word.
However, just as everyone persuaded Qiu Mucheng, a pair of chopsticks came out quietly among the crowd. On the intact fish maw, a piece of fish was immediately sandwiched and chewed in the mouth.
“You useless, did I let you eat?”
At that time, Fan Zhongxian’s eyes were red, and a fire in his heart almost burst out.
This Yellow River carp was specially prepared for Qiu Mucheng, but Qiu Mucheng didn’t eat it, and the first bite was actually eaten by Ye Fan’s waste.
Fan Zhongxian only felt that he was going to be mad!
“Eat and drink.”
“Do you know how expensive this Yellow River carp is?”
“You are worthless and worthy of eating?” Fan Zhongxian scolded angrily.
Yuan Yuan and others also criticized Ye Fan.
“Mucheng, your home-coming husband is really shameless.”
“This kind of shameless uselessness, don’t kick, keep it for the New Year?”
“Let me say, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau today to divorce the marriage!”
However, in the face of everyone’s reprimand, Ye Fan’s face was not red and heartbeat, and he chewed the fish in his mouth calmly.
In the end, he shook his head and smiled, looking at Fan Zhongxian who was angry, and said lightly: “Squad leader Fan, if you can’t afford Yellow River carp, you just say you can’t afford it, and we don’t laugh at you. But you Why take a domestic fish and use it as a shoddy fish to fool my wife?”
Domestic fish?
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, many people were suddenly shocked.
“Ye Fan, what are you talking nonsense?”
“Leave you to eat, you will be delicious, don’t cause trouble.” Susie stared at Ye Fan, displeased.

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