A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1120

Become the eternal white moonlight in Susie’s life.
In the next few days, Qiu Mucheng’s mood remained low.
Even said, some depression.
Because Ye Fan hasn’t contacted her since that night.
At first, Qiu Mucheng thought that Ye Fan was really detained and couldn’t get in touch with her, but after asking Susie, she learned that Ye Fan was not detained at all that night, and she left in a cool manner.
“On the contrary, it made our squad leader very angry!”
“I guess it’s your door-to-door husband who called for help from the Shen family at the last moment.”
“Rely on Shen Fei, the young master of the Shen family, to help him survive this disaster.”
Susie chased Qiu Mucheng away that night, and she didn’t fully know what happened next.
It was only after I asked Yuan Yuan.
Yuan Yuan said at the time that Ye Fan was the owner of the Yundingshan Hotel and he didn’t spend a dime on the dishes he ordered.
When she heard this, Susie burst out laughing.
She naturally did not believe this nonsense.
The Yundingshan Hotel is a star hotel, and it is still open in the Yunding Mountain Scenic Area. It is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
If this is Ye Fan’s, isn’t Ye Fan a billionaire?
This is certainly impossible.
Therefore, Su Qian directly concluded that it was Shen Fei, the young master of the Shen family, who helped Ye Fan perform a good show.
Otherwise, how could a poor son-in-law have such financial resources?
“To be honest, I really underestimated him, and he has such a good relationship with Shen Fei?”
“However, it is not a good thing.”
“You know, there are two things you can’t provoke most in this world. One is a wife and the other is a favor.”
“Your husband has asked Shen Fei to help me over and over again, right? How can I pay for his favor in the future?”
Susie said with emotion.
Of course, she also heard Qiu Mucheng mention the relationship between Ye Fan and Shen Fei. Qiu Mucheng had a million-dollar ring in her hand, which was given by Shen Fei.
Because of this too much affection, Qiu Mucheng had never dared to wear it.
Now that Ye Fan turned to Shen Fei for help again, Qiu Mucheng was naturally even more angry.
She always thought that even if she and Ye Fan did not have the true relationship of a husband and wife, but had experienced so many, they should be trusted and dependent on each other.
But Qiu Mucheng didn’t expect that even if Ye Fan asked for help from an outsider, he would not ask her wife for help.
What does he take her for?
Does he really think that he is the ruthless selfish woman?
Or, in her eyes, she has never been her sustenance and trust?
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng was of course lost.
Even more disappointed with Ye Fan.
In this way, the couple fell into the cold war inexplicably.
Ye Fan did not contact Qiu Mucheng, nor did Qiu Mucheng call Ye Fan.
Until, the time came to the 26th.
This day is Qiu Mucheng’s birthday.
The night before, Qiu Mucheng stayed up all night.
Always waiting for a text message, a call, a blessing, and a person.
However, she was disappointed.
That man, after all, forgot her birthday.
The only thing she waited for was Fan Zhongxian’s birthday greetings.
No one knows how disappointed and sorrow Qiu Mucheng was that night, and tears flickered in her beautiful eyes.
On the other side, Dongjiao villa.
“Brother Fan, I found it. The location is in the Haitian Hall.”
“At that time, Fan Zhongxian will be there to hold a birthday party for his sister-in-law.” Shen Fei’s respectful voice came over the phone.
After Ye Fan heard it, he only replied, a “good” word!
In the eyebrows, there is a sly, and gloomy cold.

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