A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1122

Before coming, Susie had already thought out 10,000 reasons to persuade Qiu Mucheng.
Susie didn’t believe it anymore, she couldn’t persuade her girlfriend with her three-inch tongue?
However, as soon as Susie got up, Qiu Mucheng got up, put on her coat and changed her shoes, carrying her bag and preparing to leave.
“Well, Mucheng, where are you going?” Susie was puzzled.
“Go to Haitian Hall.” Qiu Mucheng replied lightly.
Susie was stunned immediately: “Is it agreed?”
“Why, you don’t want me to go? If that’s the case, then forget it.” Qiu Mucheng was about to sit back on the sofa.
Susie hurried forward: “Don’t, Mucheng.”
“Go, let’s go.”
“Our squad leader took great pains for your birthday this time, and there must be a surprise tonight.”
“You Nizi, just wait to show off, right?”
Susie was smiling while driving Qiu Mucheng to the Haitian Hall.
However, compared with Susie’s joy, Qiu Mucheng was always depressed and didn’t have any expectations at all.
The reason why he agreed to go was just to get angry with Ye Fan.
She has decided to broadcast the birthday party that Fan Zhongxian prepared for him on WeChat tonight.
She just wanted to anger Ye Fan.
Look at this bastard, how long can you last?
Sure enough, within a short while, Ye Fan caught Qiu Mucheng’s movement in the circle of friends.

“Leaving for the birthday party! Thanks to the monitor, happy~”

“I forgot to put on makeup when I went out, I have to put on some makeup later!”
“Haitian Guild Hall, so grand, excited!”
After a while, Qiu Mucheng posted a few days in the circle of friends, even with pictures she took.
Ye Fan looked at him, not only not at all angry, but also shook his head and smiled.
“This Nizi, deliberately pissed me off~”
After spending three years together day and night, Ye Fan couldn’t understand Qiu Mucheng better.
She is a person who rarely posts in Moments. Now she is suddenly uncharacteristically, obviously showing it to Ye Fan.
Deliberately mad at Ye Fan and complain that Ye Fan forgot her birthday.
But, will Ye Fan really forget?
of course not!
As early as a few months ago, Ye Fan began to plan for today.
“Mucheng, I once promised you great glory!”
“Tonight, it’s time.”
The wheels speed.
On the streets of Yunzhou, several luxury cars galloped away.
Like a sword, tear open the far sky.
The deep roar echoed the whole world!
Haitian Hall.
Outside, all roads were already parked.
You can even see someone entering the hall under the protection of security.
“Mucheng, have you seen it? These people are all coming for you.”
“The squad leader has done his best to celebrate this birthday party for you.”
“It is said that we specially invited famous artists and orchestras in Yunzhou to perform for you.”
“The cost of this day alone, I am afraid that it will not be less than one million.”
“If you are with Ye Fan, he won’t be able to give you such a pomp for a lifetime?”
“Now I know, our squad leader is all right?” Su Qian smiled, trying her best to match Qiu Mucheng and Fan Zhongxian together.
But Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face paled a bit, “Cici, I think it’s better to forget it?”
“I don’t have a deep friendship with the monitor, I can’t stand this.”
“You tell him, don’t spend money.”

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