A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1126

Situ Feng glanced at the corner of his mouth, then stood up among the crowd and shouted.
“Qiu Mucheng, Fan Zhongxian, together~”
Situ Feng yelled, Yuan Yuan also added to the flames, and Su Qian also yelled with a smile.
In this way, a stone fell into the sea, stirring up a thousand layers of waves.
Soon, the rhythm was brought up.
The guests were full of guests, all booing.
Everywhere in the ears, there are crowds of voices.
On the stage, Fan Zhongxian was still singing, but the audience was already boiling.
However, Qiu Mucheng, who was the heroine among them, had a pretty face and then turned pale.
She looked at Susie and others and scolded coldly.
“Cici, you are too much!”
“You guys, it’s too much~”
After speaking, Qiu Mucheng would naturally not stay. Immediately got up and left, leaving the table angrily.
She is already a married woman, even if Ye Fan is not here, she will not accept Fan Zhongxian’s confession, whether it is out of feelings or reason.
“Mucheng, why are you going~”
“I admit that I lied to you, but I am also good for you.”
“Why can’t you let go of that country turtle?”
“He has no family background, no background, and has accomplished nothing for three years.”
“As a man, he doesn’t become famous because he is so lazy.”
“As a husband, he can’t give you glory, can’t care for you, and he won’t even give you a birthday.”
“How is this kind of man different from trash?”
“Follow him, you are destined to be humiliated and dragged down by him.”
“The squad leader is not only young and promising, but also has a deep love for you. Why don’t you take this opportunity to say goodbye to the past and start a new life?”
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng was about to leave, Susie immediately grabbed her, angry and puzzled, and shouted at Qiu Mucheng.
“That is, Mucheng, why waste a whole life on a piece of waste?”
“How nice the monitor is, romantic and rich.”
Situ Feng and others also persuaded.
However, at this moment, a roar suddenly came from above the open-air hall.
The sound was loud, just like thunder rolling.
The loud roar was so deafening that all the music and the piano were covered.
“How is this going?”
“A bunch of rubbish, don’t hurry out to see what happened?”
His singing was completely covered up, Fan Zhongxian was furious, and immediately let his subordinates go out to check the situation.
However, in the audience, there were already shocked sounds.
“Fly… the plane?”
“It’s an airplane!”
“God, there are nine planes in total~”
“Is this sprinkling water?”
“Sprinkle peat water!”
“Idiot, this is a flower, it’s a rose~”
“God, roses all over the city!”
The whole Haitian Hall was already boiling.
Seeing the fiery red petals flying in the sky, everyone trembled on the spot.
And Qiu Mucheng and others were even more shocked.
Just like that, idiotic, watching roses all over the sky, watching flowers floating all over the city.

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