A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1130

Everyone sighed and couldn’t help but admire.
But Situ Feng, Yuan Yuan and others were dumbfounded.
After seeing the 200 million diamond ring, his eyes were red with envy, and one mouth could almost be filled with an apple.
As for Fan Zhongxian, he looked at Ye Fan’s hundreds of millions of diamond rings, and then at the flowers in his hand. He felt embarrassed and ashamed, and directly smashed the flowers to the ground in anger.
And Qiu Mucheng was even more panicked.
Hearing this, the whole brain is almost blank.
“Mucheng, I have seen clouds in the sea and rain in Wushan.”
“I also saw the snow covering the Baishan Mountain in January, and then gradually turning into lush greenery.”
“I’ve heard the soft floating, the sound enters the water, and it is silent again.”
“I saw the spring breeze, eight miles and ten miles, with flowers on the sleeves.”
“However, in my eyes, the four seasons of spring and autumn, Wushan cloud and rain, are not as good as you.”
“Mucheng, it’s been three years, you’ve been blinded and humiliated for me.”
“But today, I want you to come up and put on this ring.”
“Share with me, glory!”
The moment Ye Fan’s words fell, the audience was boiling over.
Countless people were moved by Ye Fan’s sincerity and shouted.
“Marry him~~”
“Marry him~”
“Marry him~”
In the sound of the sky, Qiu Mucheng’s brows and eyes were red, filled with tears of excitement, with endless panic and joy, really just like this, stood up, and stepped on the bouquet that Fan Zhongxian threw away. Step onto the stage.
In front of everyone’s eyes, hold your hand and grow old with him.
And Ye Fan, share the glory!
“Ye Fan, thank you~”
In the ear, the music tactfully.
Behind him, falling flowers fluttered.
In that dreamlike sea of flowers, Qiu Mucheng smiled with tears.
Happy, like a princess!
It is as if the dreams once had become reality at this moment.
He really is himself, the prince of his dreams!
Just like the song that Fan Zhongxian sang before.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng only felt that Ye Fan was the firework on the sea.
And he is, the foam of waves.
Your light illuminates me at a certain moment
If you are a distant galaxy
Dazzling makes people want to cry
I am chasing your eyes
I always look at the stars when I’m alone
Yes, Ye Fan tonight is just a light.
In an instant, Qiu Mucheng’s entire life was illuminated.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng could no longer restrain her emotions.
She rushed into Ye Fan’s embrace, embracing her prince tightly among the sky full of flowers!
At this time, dancers once again appeared on the stage, singing and luthier playing.
The moment these people appeared, once again caused everyone in the audience to tremble.
Because they discovered that many of the men and women playing the piano and singing in front of them are the first-line stars in China.
Especially that singer is a heavenly figure who has long been famous in the music scene!
“In order to celebrate the birthday of the person you like, have you moved even these big names?”
“Compared with others, the female anchors and small internet celebrities that Fan Zhongxian invited just now are just a bunch of turtles.”
It’s the same confession, but at this level, a comparison comes out.
If Ye Fan’s current feast of glory is the feast of glory, then Fan Zhongxian’s confession before is indistinguishable from the shabby state of the country’s opera stage!

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