A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1139

“From now on, we will live here.”
“I’ll move my things over from home tonight.”
Qiu Mucheng was full of excitement, walking back and forth on the blanket with her bare feet.
He looked happy, like a little sparrow breaking free from a cage.
Ye Fan looked at it and smiled with satisfaction on his delicate face.
Men working hard outside are nothing but happiness in front of them.
When you see a woman you like so happy, all those frowns are the greatest comfort to yourself!
“Mucheng, the surprise I gave you has just begun.”
“Wait, it won’t be long before I will let you live in a bigger house.”
“It will also allow you to enjoy greater glory!”
In the room, Ye Fan looked at it with a smile, with determination in his heart.
In fact, Ye Fan was also going to tell Qiu Mucheng about the Yundingshan Villa.
But after thinking about it, Ye Fan still didn’t say it.
After all, this woman doesn’t even believe that she is Mr. Chu, let alone the Yunding Mountain Villa?
“But Mucheng, soon, you will believe, what kind of existence is your husband?”
Outside, the sun is quiet.
In Ye Fan’s heart, there was a lot of pride.
However, when Qiu Mucheng was still in the joy of moving to a new home, the doorbell outside suddenly rang.
“You invited guests?”
The sudden door bell surprised Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan slightly.
Ye Fan shook his head: “No.”
In doubt, Qiu Mucheng went to the door and opened it.
However, when the door opened, Qiu Mucheng was stunned.
Qiu Mucheng had to be surprised.
You know, she hasn’t said anything about renting a house yet, she didn’t expect Susie to have found it herself.
“Cici, you just came here, I was about to tell you, this is the house that Ye Fan rented.”
“In the future, I will move from Liuyuan Community to live here.”
“I haven’t remembered the address yet. I will send it to you on WeChat in a moment. Come over and have a meal with us at night.”
Qiu Mucheng smiled and sent an invitation to Susie.
However, it was only then that Qiu Mucheng noticed that Susie’s pretty face was pale and desolate.
That feeling, like a serious illness, is very haggard.
“Cici, what’s the matter with you?” Qiu Mucheng suddenly asked with anxiety.
“It’s okay, Mucheng. I just want to confirm something, it doesn’t matter to you.”
Susie replied in a low voice, then turned her head and walked towards Ye Fan.
Feeling Susie’s gaze, Ye Fan couldn’t help trembling in his heart, thinking that Susie wouldn’t know his true identity?
When Ye Fan was worried, Susie’s desperate voice immediately sounded.
“Ye Fan, I ask you, did you live here a few months ago?”
“Do you play the harmonica by the window?”
“The figure in the white shirt that night, was it you?”
Susie’s eyes were red, and she asked three times, her words were burning, but she kept asking Xiang Ye Fan.
Ye Fan was suddenly there, completely unclear about the situation.
I don’t know Susie, why would you ask this?
But Qiu Mucheng, who was next to her, seemed to be aware of something, that beautiful face had undoubtedly changed slightly.
There was a bad feeling in my heart.
“say something!”
“Ye Fan, you bastard, talk.”
“Tell me, that boy who plays the harmonica, is it you?”
Susie’s eyes were red, and almost all her words were trembling.
If it wasn’t for Qiu Mucheng to know the situation, would she be able to assault Ye Fan?
“Yes… it’s me.”
“I did live here a few days before.”
“Also played the harmonica.”
“What’s wrong?”
“What happened?”
Ye Fan asked in a deep voice, full of doubts.

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