A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1143

“This is Mucheng, right?”
“It’s really beautiful.” The woman was delighted when she saw Qiu Mucheng.
Du Liang smiled and stretched out his hand, saying hello like Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, hello, my name is Du Liang.”
“Nice to meet you.”
Du Liang said enthusiastically.
However, Qiu Mucheng frowned and did not shake hands with Du Liang. Instead, she nodded politely, and then apologized: “Manager Du, sorry, my husband is still waiting for me, I’m afraid there is no way to entertain me. You guys.”
Du Liang mother and son were shocked when they heard.
The woman even questioned Xiang Han Li: “Han Li, what’s going on? Didn’t you say that your daughter is single? Why do you have a husband?”
Han Li’s old face turned green in an instant, and she quickly explained, “Mother Du Liang, don’t worry.”
“Then a trash, where is our Mucheng’s husband.”
“Mucheng wanted to divorce him a long time ago, and that stalker has been pestering my family Mucheng.”
“But Du Liang’s mother, I promise that tomorrow I will let Mucheng divorce that trash and completely break the relationship.”
However, the anger on the woman’s face did not diminish in any way.
“Han Li, let me tell you that my son is one of the best in a hundred. No matter how good your daughter is, my son won’t accept the disc that has been used.”
“Although my son Du Liang is more than 30 years old, it is not because he can’t marry a wife, but because he has a good eye.
“Two suites, one luxury car, each looks good, and there are too many people wanting to marry my son Du Liang. We don’t have to take someone else’s plate.” The woman obviously had an anger of being deceived. His tone is even more rude.
Han Li wiped the sweat from her forehead: “Mother Du Liang, listen to my explanation.”
“Although my daughter has been married to Ye Fan for three years, she has never been in the same room.”
“Until now, it’s still a pure body.”
“Are you true?” Du Liang’s mother looked at Han Li immediately.
To be honest, she really likes Qiu Mucheng.
He looks beautiful, stylish, and has good taste in clothes.
If she is still Bing Qing Yujie, even if she is divorced, she will agree.
“Mom, I think Mucheng is pretty good.” At this time, Du Liang also said from the side.
Du Liang’s mother nodded.
“Well, in that case, let’s reluctantly agree.”
“But Mucheng, as your future mother-in-law, since you are going to live with my son in the future, I don’t want you to have any entanglement with other men. Tomorrow morning, I will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and divorce, what do you think? kind?”
Du Liang’s mother almost spoke to Qiu Mucheng in a commanding tone.
In her opinion, her son needs to look good, work and work. This Qiu Mucheng is a second marriage again, and she is appointed to post it upside down.
What she said, measuring this Qiu Mucheng, didn’t she have the right to disobey?
However, Qiu Mucheng remained silent.
“Mucheng, what are you doing in a daze?”
“Hurry up and show you Aunt Du.”
“Say that you will definitely divorce Ye Fan tomorrow.”
“Where are Du Liang’s two houses? And luxury cars?”
Han Li said anxiously, wishing she would agree on behalf of Qiu Mucheng.
However, Qiu Mucheng never paid attention.
She turned her head and walked straight to her room.
“Mom, I won’t divorce Ye Fan.”
“He is my husband and the only man Qiu Mucheng has identified in my life.”
“As long as Ye Fan wants me, I will never leave him.”
“As for the others, even if there are a hundred houses and a hundred luxury cars, I don’t like it.”
Qiu Mucheng said these words loudly and loudly, only if the Jinshi echoed loudly and powerfully.
“it is good!”
“Han Li, is your daughter really strong?”
“In that case, there is no need to talk about it!”
“Son, let’s go!”

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