A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1147

“is it?”
“It seems you are quite confident.”
“But you don’t know yet. As early as a few days ago, the Suncheon Group, which you are proud of, moved out of Yunzhou overnight.”
“The office buildings are all sold.”
“If you don’t believe me, you can check it out. In the Yunzhou branch of Shuntian Group, it is estimated that people have already left the building.”
“As for the manager Liu Bin of Hongqi Group, I remember that I have a good relationship with you.”
“I think you should go and see him in the cell.”
“This manager embezzled a huge amount of company property and was sentenced to life imprisonment. I am afraid that he will have to sit in prison in the future.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly while drinking tea.
Every sentence is like a sharp knife, thrusting Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying into the chest.
In the end, Chu Wenfei couldn’t listen anymore and got up angrily, even if it exploded.
“Fuck Nima shit!”
“My Uncle Liu is a senior leader of the Hongqi Group. After Xu Lei left, the entire Hongqi Group respected my Uncle Liu.”
“Except for Mr. Xu Lei, who else can bring down my Uncle Liu?” Chu Wenfei roared angrily.
Qiu Muying also got up and scolded: “Yes!”
“You rubbish, you are just talking nonsense.”
“You said the Suncheon Group ran away overnight?”
“A large group with a solid background has just come to Yunzhou for development within a month or two. The stall has just been rolled out and the prospects are bright. Is Wang Shengtian an idiot? Just ran away in Yunzhou?”
Qiu Muying and his wife were angry and angry.
However, facing the anger of the two, Ye Fan did not answer, just smiled.
Qiu Mucheng also chuckled quietly and took a sip of hot tea.
As for Susie, she glanced at the couple with pity, shook her head and sighed, then she used chopsticks to pick up dishes and started eating herself.
Seeing the three of Ye Fan with such an attitude, Qiu Muying suddenly had a bad feeling.
“Yingying, call and ask your mother.”
“Let your mother slap them in the face!”
“I don’t believe it anymore, my uncle Liu’s resounding character, is it really being pulled down?” Chu Wen flew to the present and still didn’t believe what Ye Fan said.
Then, Qiu Muying really called her mother.
“Mom, I’m in Yunzhou.”
“Don’t ask anything else, I want to know, our Qiushui Logistics, how is it now?” Qiu Muying asked immediately.
However, after a while, Qiu Muying’s pretty face changed drastically.
“Mom, what are you talking about?”
“Shun…Suncheon Group, ran away?”
“Liu Bin was arrested and sentenced?”
“We, Qiushui Logistics, are going to… going bankrupt?”
Like a thunderstorm, it exploded in Qiu Muying’s mind.
Upon learning of all this, Qiu Muying only felt that she was completely stunned.
She never thought that what Ye Fan said just now was true?
“Mom, what’s the matter?”
“In the end what happened?”
“Why is this?”
“Did Mu Qi offend anyone?”
“Why did it become like this in just one month?”
Qiu Muying couldn’t help but asked her mother Wang Qiaoyu.
“Yingying, don’t ask.”
“You come back quickly and bring Wen Fei over.”
“This time, the Qiu family has really reached the point of life and death.”
“If there is no turnaround, I am afraid that this level will really not pass~”
Wang Qiaoyu’s sobbing voice came from the phone.
At that moment, Qiu Muying’s face was pale, her face was as gray as death.
All the arrogance and pride before, undoubtedly disappeared at this moment.
There was a daze, and it was always difficult to accept this fact.

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