A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1157

Susie, Qiu Mucheng and others couldn’t help but laugh at what Ye Fan said.
Even Fan Zhongxian’s driver was holding back hard, trying not to laugh.
Obviously, they all understand, what is Ye Fan talking about?
“Boy, you wait!”
“Looking at Mucheng’s face today, I will let you go.”
“However, our business won’t be over like this!”
After being stabbed in the scar by Ye Fan, Fan Zhongxian and the others undoubtedly had no face to stay here anymore, and soon left by car.
However, before they left, they did not forget to say a few harsh words to Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan, you’d better go out less in the future.” After Fan Zhongxian left, Qiu Mucheng said with some worry.
“Yes. As far as I know, this Fan Zhongxian is not only from an extraordinary family background, but he is also a member of a boxing club in Yunzhou City.”
“When he was in college, he was the president of a martial arts club. I heard others say that he has been learning free fighting for more than ten years.”
“Don’t take it seriously!” Susie also said from the side.
Ye Fan is the husband of her best friend after all. Compared with Fan Zhongxian, Susie is naturally a little bit more towards Ye Fan.
“Free fight?” Ye Fan listened and chuckled. “It’s just a trail, don’t care.”
“That’s not okay!” Qiu Mucheng said angrily, “Ye Fan, I don’t allow you to fight with others, have you heard?”
Although Qiu Mucheng knew that Ye Fan had some skills, she often walked along the river bank without wet shoes.
Qiu Mucheng was also worried, and one day Ye Fan was hurt again.
“Okay, I listen to you. I don’t have general knowledge with them.” Ye Fan smiled helplessly.
However, Ye Fan did not bother to pay attention to them.
Just a few jumping clowns, Ye Fan naturally wouldn’t waste time on them.
At this time, at the end of the road, Su Yuanshan came to pick up Ye Fan’s car and finally arrived.
After Ye Fan talked to Qiu Mucheng, he passed by with Su Yuanshan.
Ye Fan followed Su Yuanshan and the others to Hexi Street in Xicheng District.
“Here is our most famous antique market in Yunzhou, similar to Panjiayuan in Yanjing.”
“You can see things from all ages.”
“New Year’s Day is about to come recently. At this time of the year, there will be an antique convention here, which is the busiest time of the year.
“Antique enthusiasts from all major cities in Jiangdong will almost always come to visit during this time.”
“Therefore, this period is also the easiest time to see treasures.”
In the evening, the lights came on.
Ye Fan and Su Yuanshan were chatting, but they were walking along the streets by the moat.
Behind them, two bodyguards followed.
After all, Su Yuanshan is also the boss of a group, and his worth is high, so security must naturally take extra care.
“Ye Fan, look at it and tell me if you see someone you like, don’t be polite with your uncle. Just treat it as a family.”
“Also, by the way, help me see if there is any precious blue and white porcelain.”
“My old lady will have a birthday in a few days, and I have to prepare some decent gifts for my son.” Su Yuanshan smiled.
His purpose of inviting Ye Fan tonight, in addition to drawing closer feelings, the main purpose is to get Ye Fan’s palm and help him buy a blue and white porcelain.
Ye Fan nodded: “Well, Uncle Su don’t worry, I’ll help watch it.”
In this way, Ye Fan walked around with Su Yuanshan a few times, and finally walked into an antique TV with simple and elegant decoration.
“This blue and white porcelain is good, boss, how much is it, please introduce?”
As soon as Su Yuanshan entered the door, he was attracted by a blue and white porcelain vase in the middle of the hall, and immediately walked up to ask the price.

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