A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1158

“The boss has a good eye.”
“This is the treasure of our store, the blue and white porcelain of the early Ming Dynasty.”
“Absolutely a treasure from official kiln!”
“Don’t worry about whether it’s true or not. I also have an identification certificate from Mr. Gu Longen, the chairman of the Yunzhou Antique Association!”
“Furthermore, our shop promises to pay ten for a fake one.” The boss was also a thief, and he talked about it for a long time, but he didn’t leak the price.
Su Yuanshan asked about the price again, and the boss of Cena stretched out a finger: “One price, ten million.”
“Quality assurance, no bargaining.”
“Boss, how about it, do you want to take it away?”
The shop owner asked with a smile.
Su Yuanshan looked at Ye Fan and seemed to be waiting for Ye Fan’s suggestion.
Ye Fan did not answer, but looked at the tea set aside: “How much does this tea set cost?”
“Oh, this tea set was just collected by us. The blue and white porcelain at the end of the Yuan Dynasty was also produced by an official kiln. Unfortunately, there is only one teacup left, or else the treasure of our store is the treasure of the town.”
“This one sells for five million.”
Ye Fan listened, nodded, and then looked at Su Yuanshan: “Uncle Su, both of these are good. However, I suggest buying that tea set, which is cost-effective.”
“it is good!”
Ye Fan spoke, and Su Yuanshan responded.
However, when Su Yuanshan was about to pay the money, Ye Fan’s gaze was suddenly attracted by a humble jade pendant in the corner.
Ye Fan immediately walked over, took the jade and looked at it for a few times, and then asked the shop owner: “Where did this jade come from?”
“You said this, I collected it from below. I think it’s beautiful and extraordinary, so I put it here.”
“As for the age, it is estimated to be in the pre-Qin period. Of course, it is also an estimate. The exact date is still to be discussed.
“Well, brother, do you want to try your luck?”
“The original price is 150,000, I will sell you for 100,000?”
The shop owner said enthusiastically.
When Ye Fan heard it, he suddenly chuckled, shook his head, and put down the jade pendant again.
“One hundred thousand?”
“A piece of mixed jade, and it is a modern handicraft polished by modern machines. Do you dare to ask for 100,000, the boss?”
“This is treating us as fools.”
Ye Fan sneered.
He doesn’t care about this little money.
However, that also cannot be deceived by someone as a fool.
“How much can you give me?”
Unexpectedly, the young man in front of him had such a clever vision, and the shop owner suddenly glanced at Ye Fan.
This jade is true that he collected from the bottom, but it is naturally not from the pre-Qin period. He was just talking nonsense just now to drive up the price.
In fact, when he received this jade, he only spent two hundred yuan.
“One thousand.”
“If you agree, I will buy it as a gift for my wife, otherwise that’s fine.”
“This ~ this thousand, too little, isn’t it? I cut it ten times all of a sudden, and five thousand can still be considered.” The shop owner suddenly became embarrassed.
Ye Fan was unmoved: “You will receive a few hundred jade, and I will give you one thousand, which is a lot.”
In the end, the shop owner reluctantly agreed, looking like he was losing money, but he was undoubtedly happy?
This change of hands has doubled five times, of course he is happy.
However, just as the shop owner was about to pack the piece of jade, a voice came from behind him quietly.
“This jade, one hundred thousand, I want it!”

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