A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1160

After that, Su Yuanshan looked at the man in suit again: “This brother is really good at it!”
“However, you are afraid that you still don’t know who I am.”
“I am Su Yuanshan, the head of the Su Family in Yunzhou, and the head of the Yuanshan Group.”
“Yuanshan Group?” The man in suit raised his brows.
Su Yuanshan saw this, thinking that the man in the suit was scared, and then sneered: “Exactly!”
“Don’t worry, even though you hit my person, I don’t have trouble for you.”
“Apologize to my bodyguard, and then take one hundred thousand medical bills to send the piece of jade. I can assume that what happened today has never happened.”
Su Yuanshan said in a deep voice.
He was expressionless, but on his resolute face, there was a kind of majesty without anger and self-prestige.
“Oh, is it so?”
The man in the suit let out another scornful laugh.
At the next moment, everyone saw that the man in suit kicked out again, and the bodyguard on the right of Su Yuanshan was kicked out.
The speed of this person’s legs is so fast that Su Yuanshan’s bodyguards can’t even react.
“Uncle Su, let me come?”
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan said again.
“shut up!”
“Let you watch you just watch it.”
“What can you do with chaos?”
“My bodyguards can’t stop him, what can you do in the past, haven’t you been beaten?”
Su Yuanshan suddenly angered, scolding Ye Fan and drank.
Obviously, Su Yuanshan was extremely unhappy with Ye Fan’s behavior of not knowing the depth and being out of his head.
Said that he didn’t listen to him once, but now he can do it?
Isn’t this messing up?
Isn’t this a fool?
Su Yuanshan suppressed his anger, and after scolding Ye Fan, he looked at the man in suit again.
At this time, Su Yuanshan’s old face almost fell into the water with a gloomy face.
The whole person is obviously on the verge of running away.
In front of Ye Fan, the man in suit brushed his face one after another. How could Su Yuanshan not be angry?
“This friend, I admit, fists can indeed break a lot of things.”
“But, no matter how strong you are, can you be more powerful?”
“You should be clear that what you kicked just now was not only two people, but also an offense to my Yunzhou Su family!”
“I’ll give you one last chance, to apologize, lose money, and then offer Yu both hands!”
“Otherwise, you will face revenge from my Su family!”
I have to say that Su Yuanshan deserves to be a man of high position for a long time.
Even in the face of such a situation, he still remained calm. Even above that resolute face, the majesty just now did not dissipate.
Instead, it’s getting stronger!
However, even so, the man in the suit still smiled contemptuously.
Finally, facing Su Yuanshan, he shook his head slowly: “Yunzhou? Su’s family?”
“Patriarch Su, it really is so powerful.”
“I can’t beat me, so I want to use force to crush people.”
“But it’s a pity, no matter how strong your Su family is, can you survive the Li family in Yunzhou?”
Hearing this, Su Yuanshan was chopped by the thunder, and immediately trembled.
A pair of old eyes widened immediately, and lost his voice: “You…you…are you from the Li family?”
“That’s natural!”
“I, Zheng He, is the guest of the Li family seat, the teacher of Li Xueqi, the princess of Li’s parents!”
“Compared to strength, you are inferior to me.”
“Compared to the background of power, Patriarch Su thinks, have you ever bettered me?”
“This~” Su Yuanshan’s face turned pale at the time, and all the majesty just now disappeared.
The Li family is the number one family in Yunzhou!
Su Yuanshan asked himself, even if he borrowed his ten courage, he didn’t dare to compare the power and influence with the Li family.
“Now, Patriarch Su, do you want this jade, do you want it?” Zheng He smiled playfully, his teasing gaze seemed to be playing with an ant.

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