A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1161

“No more, no more.”
After learning about the background of the Li family in front of him, Su Yuanshan was naturally shocked.
Even the atmosphere didn’t dare to gasp. After speaking, he pulled Ye Fan with full of panic and walked out.
The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.
In Yunzhou, the Li family was too powerful.
You know, Li Erzhayunzhou has been around for nearly ten years.
Moreover, it is said that today’s Li Er, with the support of Mr. Chu, is even more powerful in Jiangdong.
Even faintly, there is a posture to contend with Jiang Hai Chen family.
The Li family is now in full swing, and Su Yuanshan, no matter how stupid it is, will not hit the gun at this time.
Therefore, in the end, Su Yuanshan didn’t even need the blue and white porcelain tea set, and turned his head to slip away.
“Patriarch Su, did I let you go?”
At this time, Zheng He’s cold voice came from behind.
Su Yuanshan’s most worried thing really happened.
“Uncle Su, let me…”
Seeing that Su Yuanshan could no longer hold the place, Ye Fan whispered again.
However, before Ye Fan finished speaking, Su Yuanshan yelled again and interrupted him directly: “Okay, if you don’t mess with me, I will burn incense.”
Su Yuanshan didn’t expect that after learning about the background of the other Li’s family, Ye Fan would not know the depth of his head.
Su Yuanshan was panicked at the time. After yelling at Ye Fan, his old face was filled with smiles, and he looked at Zheng He: “Mr. Zheng, misunderstanding, it was all misunderstanding just now.”
“I don’t know who you are?”
“Now that the misunderstanding is solved, you want to take this jade pendant.”
“I have something to do with my company, I have to go back in a hurry.”
Zheng He smiled playfully: “Go back? It’s not impossible.”
“I hit your two dog legs just now and dirty my feet. Pay 100,000, just as the shoe money.”
“Also, come over and apologize to me.”
“Today’s matter is over.”
Zheng He was obviously humiliating Su Yuanshan.
He returned to him what Su Yuanshan said just now.
“This~” Su Yuanshan was suddenly bitter.
“Why, disagree?” Zheng He raised his brows.
“Mr. Zheng, money is easy to say, I think this apology is unnecessary, it is a misunderstanding.” For people like Su Yuanshan, face is undoubtedly more important than money.
I was beaten up, the jade pendant was not bought, and he admitted that he lost money, but he was asked to apologize, which is a bit unreasonable.
“shut up!”
“Better than strength, you are not as good as me,”
“Compared to the background, you are still inferior to me!”
“In front of me, you are useless. Do you think you are qualified to bargain with me?”
“I’ll give you ten seconds, lose money, apologize!”
“Otherwise, I will let you crawl out of here like those two doglegs.”
Zheng He sneered, arrogant. He didn’t save any face to Su Yuanshan at all.
In the end, Su Yuanshan accepted it.
After all, Zheng He was right. In front of Zheng He, he really did not have the right to bargain.
“Mr. Zheng, I’m sorry.”
“It’s me who didn’t have eyes and offended you. Please forgive me.”
Su Yuanshan bowed his head, apologizing to Zheng He.
The two bodyguards who were kicked out by Zheng He just now walked forward to apologize to Zheng He, clutching their stomachs.
At this time, Zheng He suddenly noticed that Ye Fan behind Su Yuanshan was still standing there, without any posture to apologize to himself.
Zheng He frowned immediately: “Patriarch Su, it seems that your subordinates are not just waste, they are idiots.”
Su Yuanshan soon realized who Zheng He was talking about, and quickly turned to look at Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, what are you doing in a daze?”
“Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Zheng.”
“The Li family is the number one giant in Yunzhou, we can’t afford it!”
Su Yuanshan shouted anxiously, thinking of an apology for today’s matter, even if it was over.
However, what Ling Su Yuanshan didn’t expect was that Ye Fan smiled faintly in the face of his words: “Let me apologize?”
“He is not enough!”
“Ye Fan, you are crazy!”
“What are you talking about?”
At that time, Su Yuanshan was almost scared to death.
Originally, for today’s matter, an apology was over, but now that Ye Fan said this, it undoubtedly intensified the contradiction completely.
Su Yuanshan was so angry at that time that he wanted to slap Ye Fan’s face.
Isn’t this guy fooling around?

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