A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1169

Ye Fan looked forward with disdain, sneered.
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, you only know that the Li family is not to be insulted, but do you know that your man is not to be insulted?!!!”
“You only know that Li Er is powerful, but you also know that no matter how powerful he is, Li Er is just a dog of your man?!!!”
Dead silence, a dead silence.
In the hall of Nuo Da, only the wind swept through, and Ye Fan’s anger echoed.
Qiu Mucheng and Su Qian were immediately frightened by Ye Fan, their faces pale, and they froze in place.
The atmosphere did not dare to gasp.
Don’t know why, they suddenly felt that Ye Fan was still so strange.
Strange, heart palpitations!
Let them not recognize him anymore.
After a long silence, Ye Fan took a deep breath.
When he felt calm, he turned around and went upstairs.
When he reached the top of the stairs, Ye Fan suddenly stopped, turned his back to them, and shook his head.
“You don’t know me at all.”
Slow words flowed in the room following the wind.
When Qiu Mucheng and others looked up, they found that Ye Fan had already gone upstairs.
Here, only a silent silence remains.
I don’t know how long it took, Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were red, and she looked at Susie.
Tears flowed down unconsciously.
She choked and sobbed, “Cici, did I do something wrong?”
“I obviously do it for him, but why, he doesn’t appreciate it.”
“Or, I really don’t understand him. What he said is true?”
“Mucheng, Ye Fan was confused, and said some angry words. Are you as confused as him?”
“How can what he said is true?”
“How beautiful is Li Erye, how could it be a dog under Ye Fan?”
“He’s just talking angry.” Susie consoled again and again.
However, the tears in Qiu Mucheng’s eyes flowed more fiercely.
“Why should I be angry with me?”
“Why yell at me?”
“Did i do something wrong?”
“I am obviously good for him, and I also consider him, but why does he bully people so much?”
Qiu Mucheng burst into tears.
It has been three years, and it is the first time that Ye Fan has made such a big temper at her.
If Qiu Mucheng had no panic or fear in her heart, it would be impossible.
Of course, Qiu Mucheng had more grievances and sadness in her heart.
Everything she has is just worrying about Ye Fan. Why are you such a bastard, don’t appreciate it at all.
However, how did Qiu Mucheng know that even if she cared, she was particular about methods.
She didn’t know that her previous words had deeply hurt Ye Fan’s heart.
However, between husband and wife, stumbling and stumbling are inevitable.
After all, the two were young. They were both married for the first time and fell in love for the first time. They could only get the hearts of two people closer together in the course of running in again and again.
However, looking at Qiu Mucheng’s sad look, Susie couldn’t bear it for a while, and she kept comforting.
“Mucheng, you are right.”
“It’s that bastard who doesn’t know good or bad.”
“He doesn’t appreciate it~”
“you’re not wrong.”
“Don’t cry, when he calms down, he will definitely come to apologize after you figure it out~”

The dim light flickered, slowly expelling the darkness here.
Ye Fan had already returned to the study, and as the door closed, the whole world suddenly became much cleaner.
“Old Han, did you call?” Ye Fan picked up the phone and tried to stay calm, but his words still trembled.
“Little lord, are you okay?” Old Han seemed to hear something strange and asked worriedly.
Ye Fan whispered: “I’m fine, you say yours.”
“It’s about the bodyguard you asked me to find for Miss Qiu. After thinking about it, I think it is more appropriate to let Qingtan pass.”
“Qingtan is one of the twelve dragon guards. She is careful-tempered and likes to be quiet. It is perfect for her to protect Miss Qiu with her. However, Qingtan hasn’t come back to go out and practice, I’m afraid that she will not be able to catch up to Yunzhou for the time being. “Old Han said cautiously.
Ye Fan nodded: “Well, just do what you want.”
“As for time, as long as we can reach Yunzhou before we go to the Chu family.”
“Good lord, old slave will make arrangements.”

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