A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1174

Therefore, Fan Zhongxian gathered some wealthy children and opened this boxing gym.
While having fun, you can also use the name of boxing to solve personal grievances.
In this way, it can also cover people’s eyes and ears, it can be said to serve multiple purposes!
“What are you doing?”
“Why not hurry in?”
Behind him, several wealthy children screamed.
When Xia Yue saw this, she waved her hand and smiled contemptuously: “Let him see.”
“After a while, he’s afraid he won’t have a chance to watch it.”
“Haha, what Sister Yue said is the same. Offended Brother Xian, this bastard might have to be carried out after a while, so naturally he won’t have a chance to watch.”
Amidst the harsh sarcasm, Ye Fan followed Xia Yue and the others in.
On the way in, Xia Yue’s twin sister, Xia Xue, blessed Ye Fan in a low voice while she was not paying attention.
“For a while, what Brother Xiao Xian said, don’t talk back.”
“More importantly, you must not fight back.”
“Brother Xiaoxian hates others the most and even hits him.”
“In that case, you can still suffer less.”
“Otherwise, you will really be beaten to death~”
Xia Xue reminded Ye Fan in a low voice, with sympathy and pity in the words.
When Ye Fan heard this, he turned his head with interest and glanced at the pretty girl in front of him.
Immediately smiled at Xia Xue.
Ye Fan didn’t expect that in this group of sludge, there would still be someone out of the sludge but not stained.
“Still laughing?”
“You can still laugh when you die!”
“Offended my Xiaoxian brother, you won’t have a chance to cry for a while!”
Xia Yue thought he would look at Ye Fan’s panicked face, but who would have thought of turning his head to see Ye Fan’s bastard smiling at his sister.
This undoubtedly made Xia Yue very angry and scolded again.
Ye Fan couldn’t help but shook his head secretly, with emotion in his heart.
These are also twins, with the same genes. Why is there such a big gap between the character of sister and sister?
“Brother Xiaoxian, Yue’er has brought that country boy over to you.”
“How is Brother Xiaoxian going to thank Yue’er?”
When she arrived in the boxing gym, Xia Yue changed her predominantly arrogant look before, and was filled with gentle smiles.
Ahead, sitting high above, there are two people sitting and drinking tea.
One of them is naturally Fan Zhongxian who has some grudges with Ye Fan.
On the other hand, he has a handsome appearance, with the popular mid-range style, and two ear studs on his ears. He is dressed up in the style of an idol niche, with a high temperament.
This kind of person, walking on the street, will inevitably fascinate a large group of little fans.
Ye Fan clearly felt that when Xia Xue saw this person, her face was red.
Obviously Xia Xue secretly agreed with this person.
“Yue’er, don’t worry, when this matter is over, Brother Xiaoxian will not treat you badly.” Fan Zhongxian laughed, and then left his seat, ready to board the ring.
“Zhong Xian, you really don’t need me to act?” At this moment, the handsome man with cold temperament asked aloud.
“It’s just a hillbilly, to teach him, I am enough!”
“You Liang Bo is our second master of boxing, just sit here and hold the line.”
“Like these pigs, dogs and ants, why do you need to do it?”
Fan Zhongxian waved his hand.
Then he put on his clothes, put on his gloves, and jumped into the front ring.
He was condescending, looking at Ye Fan in the audience, and sneered.
“Boy, last time Mucheng’s birthday, you made my young master lose face!”
“This time, this young master will make you pay a heavy price.”
“Now, come up and die?!!!”
Fan Zhongxian yelled, but it echoed throughout the gym.

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