A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1178

“Your name is Ye Fan?” Liang Bo asked with his hands in his pockets after he stepped onto the stage, raising his eyebrows pretendingly.
Ye Fan ignored him.
Liang Kuan was even more unhappy: “In the past, I kowtow to Zhong Xian to make amends. Today, I will let you go.”
Ye Fan listened, only feeling funny: “Let me go? Do you think you deserve it?”
“it is good.”
“You know, I don’t like to ravage the weak, but you don’t know whether you live or die, then…”
“Sorry, I don’t know.” Liang Kuan was still calmly pretending to be forced, but he didn’t finish his words. Ye Fan blocked Liang Kuan in a word and couldn’t say a word!
“You~” Liang Kuan was almost mad at the time.
How can there be such a bastard in the world?
“Liang Bo, don’t talk nonsense with him.”
“Quick battle!”
“Three punches destroyed him.”
“I want him to break his legs and kneel down and beg for mercy~” Fan Zhongxian’s vicious curse came from behind him.
Ye Fan listened and nodded: “Okay.”
“Listen to him, then make a quick decision and let you kneel down and beg for mercy.”
Ye Fan said lightly.
Let me go to your Gobi~
“What did I tell you?” Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Fan Zhongxian almost cried and shouted angrily.
“Bo brother, kill him with one move!”
“This cock is too crazy?” The others also roared angrily.
Liang Bo looked at everyone, nodded, indicating that he would teach Ye Fan a lesson.
Then, he looked at Ye Fan: “You can take action first.”
“Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance.”
“Okay.” Ye Fan nodded and was not polite, and then walked towards Liang Bo’s direction lazily.
That absent-minded look didn’t seem to be a fight at all, but rather like a walk.
“The most important thing is mentality.”
“Look at his dangling style, he lost when he came up!”
“Brother Xian, wait and see, Brother Bo will avenge your grudge in a while!” Situ Feng sneered.
The others are also full of contempt.
“I think this dick is because I know I am not Boge’s opponent, so I will break the jar.”
“Make him crazy again?”
“We dazzle the world as a strong fighter, can’t kill him?!”
Just when everyone was laughing, Ye Fan, who was walking in a leisurely court, immediately got out of his leg on the ring.
Long legs are like a whip, fast like thunder and lightning.
The speed is so fast that there is a sound and explosion.
In this way, I saw Ye Fan kick out with an unstoppable force.
Seeing this scene, Liang Bo, who was still confident, opened his eyes wide.
He didn’t even have time to react, and the next moment he felt a sharp pain.
Liang Bo flew directly from the ring.
Like a kite with a broken line, it crashed to the ground. Head down directly into the vase next to it.
The vase shattered and burst into the sky.
One leg!
Just one leg~
The battle is over.
Liang Bo fell to the ground like a dead dog, but Ye Fan still stood proudly.
“Who else?!!”
“If you want to fight, just come on stage to fight!”
The bitter wind echoed Ye Fan’s anger.
There was a dead silence in the audience.
The previous laughter stopped abruptly!
Everyone’s eyes widened, like a rooster pinched around the neck, trembling almost forgot to breathe.
Situ Feng was horrified.
Fan Zhongxian was dumbfounded.
Xia Yue’s face flushed, as if Ye Fan slapped her face.
As for sister Xia Xue, her face was even more panic.
I just feel that the glorious and tall image of Liang Bo in her heart for so many years has suddenly shattered.
At this moment, in her eyes, there was only the domineering face on the ring!

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