A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1179

It is almost evening.
The cold wind outside, like a ghost, blew past.
There was a mess in the boxing gym.
Fan Zhongxian and Liang Bo both fell to the ground, and Ye Fan was the only one standing proudly in Nuo Da’s boxing gym.
Seeing the thin and majestic figure, everyone here shivered unconsciously.
Nearly a hundred of them were present, and under Ye Fan’s drink, no one dared to step forward.
“A bunch of cowards.”
“There are so many of you, are you afraid that he will not be a country boy?”
“He can hit one or two. Could he still hit a group of you?”
After a long period of tremor, Xia Yueman’s resentful voice came from the crowd.
Her words undoubtedly reminded everyone in an instant.
“that’s right!”
“With so many of us, are we still afraid that this stinky cock will fail?”
“Wait for all of us to come together, we have to kill this stinky kid today!”
“Vengeance for Brother Xian and Brother Bo~”
Situ Feng also incited from the side.
For a time, in the dazzling boxing gate, the rich second generations also nodded in agreement, and their gazes at Ye Fan gradually became cold.
“Ye Fan, do you really think that if you defeat me and Liang Bo, you will not be afraid of me showing off the world?”
“Today I will tell you that there are hundreds of members under my dazzling boxing gate, even if not all of them are present today. However, the total number of those present at the venue would have to be 70 or 80 people.”
“I and Liang Bo can’t help you. With so many of us here, can we still not get you?”
Fan Zhongxian resisted the pain and spoke harshly to Ye Fan.
“is it?”
“Since you are so confident, try it.”
“If you have any hole cards, show them all.”
“I don’t have much time, so I will solve it this time.”
Ye Fan replied coldly.
Originally, Ye Fan didn’t want to bother with Fan Zhongxian.
But these people’s ghosts persisted, entangled themselves again and again.
The clay figurine still has three points of anger, not to mention Ye Fan who smashed Jiangdong and Yanjing?
Today, he not only wants to teach Fan Zhongxian a lesson, but also here, completely crush all the pride in Fan Zhongxian’s heart.
Let them live completely in the fear of being dominated by Ye Fan.
“Good, you arrogant boy!”
“It’s you who don’t know how to live and die, so you don’t blame me for deceiving less?”
“Hyunshiquanmen members listen to orders!”
“I, Fan Zhongxian, order you in the name of the founder of Xuanshiquanmen, everyone must gather.”
“Join me to kill this country dick!”
Fan Zhongxian gave an order.
Afterwards, Nuo Da’s boxing gym, dozens of people, under the leadership of Situ Feng, rushed towards Ye Fan on the ring.
It seems that they are really preparing to beleague Ye Fan!
“Be careful!”
“You run away~”
Seeing the situation here, it was already unacceptable.
Sister Xia Xue suddenly paled with fright, and shouted to Ye Fan worriedly.
On the ring, Ye Fan smiled with his hands behind him: “Run?”
“Why do I need to run?”
“The power is in my hands!”
“No matter how large you are, to me, it is nothing more than a bunch of chickens.”
The sound of proud sneer echoed in the boxing gym.
The world here is already full of Ye Fan’s heartache!
“What a fool!”
“When you die, you still pretend to be here?”
“Returning a chicken and shingle?”
“I’ll go to your mother!”
“Wait for a while when you are beaten to death by my people, how do you pretend to be?”
Fan Zhongxian scolded angrily.
Xia Yue glared at her sister in anger.

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