A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1180

“Eat what’s inside and out, and see how I go home to clean up you!”
When Xia Yue was angry, she saw Ye Fan on the ring but jumped up.
Like a phantom, he rushed into the crowd in an instant.
After that, Ye Fan kicked out suddenly.
The speed is extremely fast, just like lightning.
And Ye Fan’s leg wind pointed out that he took the lead and rushed out, Situ Feng!
“So fast!!”
Seeing Ye Fan who rushed in front of him in the blink of an eye, Situ Feng was immediately shocked.
A pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.
In shock, Situ Feng gritted his teeth, and immediately kicked towards Ye Fan.
“Bad son, I’m fighting with you!”
Just listen to a loud noise.
The leg bone broke, and one of Situ Feng’s leg instantly drooped like noodles.
Then with a bang, the whole person flew directly.
After overturning seven or eight men along the way, he fell to the ground and cried bitterly.
“Beast, die~”
Situ Feng was beaten, but it made the others crazy.
Howling again and rushed towards Ye Fan.
Facing the “Thousand Armies” surrounded, Ye Fan was not afraid.
He stepped on the ground for seven steps.
Bang bang bang bang~
Within a few meters, twenty or thirty men were kicked directly by Ye Fan.
Moreover, Ye Fan’s power continued unabated, and his surging power broke out again.
Or fists or legs, crazy smashing.
Ye Fan at this time was like the swordsman in Li Bai’s poems.
Kill one person in ten steps, never stay for a thousand miles!
Wherever the fist went, no one stood.
After just a few breaths, everyone fell down!
Ye Fan once again swept the audience with a force of destruction, shocked.
Nuo Da Boxing Gym, once again, fell into endless silence.
Outside, the cold wind was blowing three thousand fallen leaves.
Ye Fan still stood proudly.
His deep and majestic eyebrows looked around the audience.
The next moment, he shouted angrily: “Kneel down!”
The sound was muffled, and at the moment Ye Fan fell at the moment, a majestic and majestic, radiating out like a tide.
At that moment, Fan Zhongxian, Xia Yue and others only felt that Mount Tai was overwhelming, and a huge pressure fell.
Except for those who were knocked out, the rest were actually forced to kneel under Ye Fanyi’s drink!
“Asshole, you country dick, you are so brave.”
“Do you dare to make this young master kneel?”
“You wait, when Uncle He arrives, you will be crushed and you will not die!”
Fan Zhongxian knelt on the ground, one of his legs had been misplaced by Ye Fan, his physical pain and personality humiliation made Fan Zhongxian almost crazy.
He was dignified by the Shen family, but now he was forced to kneel to a squatter. To Fan Zhongxian, it was a shame and shame, and he naturally couldn’t accept it.
At this moment, still growling unwillingly.
“it is good!”
“Don’t wait, call now and let him come.”
“Is there any backing, what to rely on, just move in!”
“Don’t you want to play, I will play with you today, Ye Fan.”
“Play to the end!”
Ye Fan sneered and responded aggressively.
Fan Zhongxian and the others were stunned by the look of pride.
“Ye Fan, you said this yourself.”
“If you have the ability, don’t leave, just wait here.”
“I’ll call now, let us show off the world champion boxer!” Fan Zhongxian said grimly.
Ye Fan stood with his hand in his hand and replied faintly: “Okay, I’ll just wait here.”

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