A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1186

“Why are you going?” Qiu Mucheng shouted angrily.
Ye Fan didn’t turn his head, turned his back to them, and a cold voice came quietly.
“I said, you don’t understand me.”
“If this is the case, why should you care about my business?”
“Don’t worry, no matter how hard the wind and rain are, I, Ye Fan, will bear it alone.”
“No matter what the result is, it will not affect you.”
When the words fell, Ye Fan left immediately.
The only thing left for Qiu Mucheng and the others was that thin and firm back.
“Ye Fan, you bastard!”
“Am I afraid of being implicated?”
“Am I afraid of being dragged down by you?”
“I don’t care about you anymore, can you do it yourself?”
“I hate you~”
Looking at Ye Fan’s back, Qiu Mucheng cried out.
Then he covered his eyes, shed tears, and ran away.
“Mucheng, Mucheng~”
“Damn, it’s all this damn Ye Fan!”
Susie was angry and pitiful.
Finally, under worry, she chased in the direction where Qiu Mucheng had left.
With the departure of Ye Fan and others, the world here finally returned to peace.
“Is Big Brother’s name Ye Fan?”
At the gate of the boxing gym, Xia Xue looked into the distance, with an inexplicable flash of color in her eyebrows.
“Xiaoxue, you die Nizi, don’t call 120 soon.”
“Brother Xiaoxian is going to die~”
Behind her, Xia Yue’s anger awakened Xia Xue from her obsession.
With so many people present, the only one who was unscathed was Xia Xue alone.
In a mess, Xia Xue hurriedly called an emergency call and sent Fan Zhongxian and others to the hospital.
And Ye Fan rushed directly to the Xishan Garden Hotel in the West District of Yunzhou after leaving the Xuanshi Quanmen.
Because of Fan Zhongxian and others, Ye Fan was delayed for an hour.
This time rushed past, and the time was just right.
The wheels were speeding, Ye Fan sat calmly on the seat. He looked out the window, and the scene of the roadside quickly disappeared in his sight.
What happened just now did not cause any waves in Ye Fan’s heart.
The only thing that made Ye Fan’s mind fluctuated a little, maybe it was just the words of Qiu Mucheng.
Recalling the scene just now, Ye Fan laughed at himself.
He didn’t expect that his dignified lord of the Dragon God, the giants of Jiangdong and Yanjing, would one day be called naive?
And this person is his wife.
It’s ironic to think about it.
“Mucheng, I don’t know. When you saw me Ye Fan standing on the top of the Yangtze River and being worshipped by all nations, can you still say the word “childish”?”
The wheels gallop.
Ye Fan’s deep words were shattered by the wind coming from outside the window!
At this time, less than five days have passed since New Year’s Day!
In the distance, the sunset gradually fell.
The afterglow of the setting sun fills the sky, but who can see what is going on under the far-away world of Jiangdong? !

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