A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1192

Zhou Botong also had an old face and coldly shouted: “Patriarch Liang, now it seems that the “superior” you are looking for is an idiot.”
“I Zhou Botong, I can tolerate waste, but I will never tolerate being with idiots!”
“Action tonight, there is him without me, there is me without him!”
“President Liang, do it yourself.”
Zhou Botong gave a cold snort, then turned his head away and stopped speaking.
“Patriarch Liang, what’s the use of such idiots?”
“Should hurry away!”
“Otherwise, we are afraid that we will be dragged down by this waste tonight.”
“Yes, Patriarch!”
“Let him go~”
“You can’t force Master Zhou away because of an idiot, right?”
Zhou Botong has said everything, so naturally whether the rest of the people choose to stand on the side.
Almost one-sided, standing on Zhou Botong’s side, let Ye Fan get out of the hotel.
In the end, Liang Haonan also raised his head to look at Ye Fan, his brows were cold, and his words were filled with sullenness: “Smelly boy, I originally looked at the face of the Li family and gave you a bit of face.”
“Unexpectedly, you don’t know how to praise, if so, don’t blame me.”
“Come here, kick me out of the hotel!” Liang Haonan shouted angrily.
The other people in the room also scolded venomously.
“Do you dare to offend Master Zhou for things that do not live or die?”
“Hurry up!”
“It’s just an idiot~”
“Take the blame!”
“Deserve it~”
For a time, all the people in the hall cursed at Ye Fan coldly.
The harsh scolding echoed throughout the room.
At that moment, Ye Fan was pointed out by thousands of husbands.
At this time, the door of the room was also pushed open, and several security guards in costumes ran in.
It seemed that he was really planning to drive Ye Fan away.
“Smelly boy, are you still sitting there with a face?”
“President Liang has already let you go, don’t you hurry to get out of here!” the lead security guard shouted.
However, just when the group of security guards were about to pull Ye Fan with their hands, Ye Fan made a move instantly after hearing a bang.
He kicked the security guard out with one leg.
The doors and windows shattered, and the security guard flew directly from upstairs.
“What do you want to do?”
“Master Zhou is here, you are young, do you dare to fail?”
Seeing the scene before him, everyone was immediately shocked.
At this time, Ye Fan had already got up.
In the darkness, he stood proudly with his hands.
Looking around everyone, he sneered: “Liang Haonan, if you respect me and respect me, why don’t I divide you 30% with this jade vein?”
“But no matter what, you have no eyes and don’t know real people.”
“If this is the case, then why should I scruples?”
“I want this jade vein, and I will take it myself.”
“At that time, you will get nothing!”
The words are sonorous, only if the stone falls to the ground, shaking the world.
When Liang Haonan and others recovered, they found that Ye Fan had already left.
In front of him, there was only the cold night breeze that blew in along the open door.
At that moment, Liang Haonan and others shivered unconsciously.
I don’t know why, just now, there was a feeling of palpitations in his heart.
“Could it be that this young man is really not a master?” Liang Haonan was suspicious.
“One way of martial arts is to accumulate internal strength. What else can a junior with no action do?”
“Patriarch Liang, don’t think about it, let’s lead the way and go up the mountain.”
“I have limited time, and I have to hurry back to teach my three thousand disciples after I’m done!”
Zhou Botong’s words awakened Liang Haonan immediately.
After that, they no longer delayed, and immediately rushed to Xishan taking advantage of the night.

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