A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1193

Yunzhou, the western suburbs.
The night is quiet.
Liang Haonan and his party took advantage of the night and moved forward slowly.
Along the way, there was a lot of barren, and you could vaguely see the blue phosphorous fire from the tomb in the distance.
In addition, there are many traces of civil engineering activities.
In the end, Liang Haonan and their motorcade stopped halfway up the mountain.
“There is no road ahead. The remaining few hundred meters can only be walked.”
“Everyone follow each other tightly, don’t fall behind.”
“In case of a sneak attack by that Wen Liang, everyone should take care of each other.”
After Liang Haonan got off the car, he immediately ordered.
“Papa Liang, don’t worry, we have Master Zhou sitting here, hoping that the villain will come here.”
“At that time, we will save trouble, we don’t have to go over the mountains to find him.”
Along the way, Liang Haonan and others were chatting and groping forward.
“This Xishan was originally a barren mountain.”
“In the early years, the government planned to develop this area, but unfortunately the funds were not enough, and many projects were stopped just after they started.”
“That’s why, just now we were able to see many unfinished properties along the way.”
“This year, I took this mess from the government, and I bought the entire mountain.”
“I will solve that gentleness in the future and build a holiday resort here.”
“At that time, my Xishan resort will not be inferior to the Yundingshan villa area.”
At night, this barren mountain is quiet.
Perhaps to resolve this loneliness, Liang Haonan kept telling everyone about the past and present of Xishan.
Finally, when he was about to reach the top of the mountain, Liang Haonan’s steps suddenly stopped, even his voice was much lower.
“The cave is in front.”
“Everyone, be careful, that gentleness may appear at any time.”
Liang Haonan’s eyes were dignified and reminded in a low voice.
He led several encirclement and suppression campaigns before, but all failed.
Even under that gentleman, many of them were damaged.
Now that he has spent millions, he has only invited Zhou Botong, which is his last reliance.
If it fails again this time, I am afraid that this Xishan Yumai is really going to give it away!
However, just as Liang Haonan reminded him, the eyes of a man wearing a black jacket went wide in an instant.
He trembled all over, and pointed to the depths of the night: “Liang… Patriarch Liang, you said… you are gentle, isn’t it him?”
At that moment, Liang Haonan also shivered, and immediately turned his head.
At the end of the line of sight, a burly figure stood proudly on the top of the Western Mountain.
The night was lonely, and the biting cold wind blew his robe, dancing and flying on the top of the West Mountain.
That figure, against the moonlight, looked like a ghost.
Let Liang Haonan and others feel cold in their hearts.
There was a cold breath under his feet.
Many of them have already begun to retreat.
“Liang… Patriarch Liang, I… I have a broken leg, I’m afraid…”
“Wei, you are paralyzed!” Liang Haonan kicked the man down the slope with a kick.
Morale comes first when the two armies fight.
Just now when he met, the man disturbed the military’s mind and Liang Haonan was naturally angry.
At this time, the figure on the top of the West Mountain had obviously been looking over.
The majestic and cold voice is just like Hong Lei, rolling past the world here.
“Liang Haonan, you bothered me to meditate twice.”
“Really when I am gentle and vegetarian, I dare not kill you?”

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