A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1196

In the distance, everyone who followed Zhou Botong was all dumbfounded.
His eyes stared.
They couldn’t believe it at all. Just now, the master of Wing Chun, Zhou Botong, who threatened to kill the gentleman as a chicken, was beaten to death?
Especially Liang Haonan, after getting up from the ground, looking at Zhou Botong who fell on the ground and couldn’t vomit blood, his old face was twitching, and he couldn’t help cursing in his heart.
Zhou Botong, you are paralyzed. Didn’t you say that within ten good strokes, slaughter is as gentle as a chicken?
This is just a few tricks, it won’t work?
Don’t worry, get up and do it!
Come on~
However, no matter how Ren Liang Haonan cursed, Zhou Botong’s body remained motionless.
At that time, Liang Haonan was undoubtedly crying.
The heart to dig Zhou Botong’s ancestral grave is now!
I had known that Botong was a trash this week. Liang Haonan had just killed him and would not follow this muddy water.
It’s all right now, Zhou Botong is dead, what should he do?
Seeing Wen Liang who had already walked towards him, Liang Haonan trembled with fright.
In the end, even the dagger in his hand could not be held.
“Liang Haonan, you and I should end our grievances.”
“After you die, no one is there anymore and it disturbs me to meditate.”
When a cold voice came, Liang Haonan knelt on the ground in terror, and bowed down to Wen Liang and begged for mercy.
“Mr. Wen, I was wrong~”
“I don’t dare anymore.”
“It’s because I have eyes and no beads that offend you.”
“Just forgive me this time, just let me as a fart.”
“I promise that I will never go one step further in the future.”
“Breaching this oath, I am infertile and full of children~”
Liang Haonan knelt on the ground, begging each other sadly, tears of old man.
Today’s Liang Haonan, where is the half of the majesty when he forced Ye Fan away before!
However, Wen Liang did not pay attention to his words at all.
He was expressionless and walked slowly.
Like death’s footsteps, little by little, he approached Liang Haonan.
Just when Liang Haonan was desperate, waiting for death in fear.
Suddenly, a cold laughter came quietly from deep in the night.
“Patriarch Liang, I said before that within three steps, Wen Liang would kill him like a dog.”
“You didn’t believe it just now.”
“Now, can you believe it?”
The cold wind raged.
Between the swaying vegetation, a thin figure walked slowly towards the moonlight.
Seeing this person, Liang Haonan and everyone else was shocked.
“It’s you!”
Liang Haonan exclaimed, his pupils shrinking.
“Why are you here?”
“I just drove you away?” Liang Haonan asked in confusion.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “I said, I want this jade vein, so naturally I will get it myself.”
“I have to thank Patriarch Liang for leading the way.”
Ye Fan smiled softly.
“You idiot!”
“You can still laugh?”
“Being smart, you don’t know that you will die in a while.”
Seeing Ye Fan still smiling, Liang Haonan suddenly cursed.
“What if you are right?”
“I lose face at most, but you lose your life.”
“Within three steps Wen Liang, killing Zhou Botong is like killing a dog!”
“Then he can still kill you like a dog in three steps.”
“You idiot, come here, don’t you want to kill yourself?!”
“In a while, you just wait to be buried with Zhou Botong.” Liang Haonan scolded sternly.

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